Load Cell provides one-button operation.

Press Release Summary:

Self-contained, digital-display AutoCell is available for capacities from 2,000 lb to 2,000 tons. With no wires or cables to attach, unit performs press calibrations and tonnage readouts by pressing start button after being placed inside machine. It automatically shuts off after 5 minutes of being idle. AutoCell works on mechanical, hydraulic, and powdered-metal presses.

Original Press Release:

AutoCells: Press Calibration Load Cells

HOLLAND, OHIO - Toledo Integrated Systems announces an expanded line of self-contained, digital display load cells. Our AutoCell line now includes load cells from 2000 lbs. up to 2000 tons. AutoCells are used for press calibrations and tonnage readout.

AutoCells make calibrations and press checks quick and easy. There are no wires or cables to attach. Just place them in the machine, press the start button and get immediate tonnage readings. They also have an automatic shut off after 5 minutes of being idle.

AutoCells work on mechanical, hydraulic and powdered metal presses, in addition to a variety of industrial machinery. The AutoCell line now includes AC2K, AC5k, AC10K, AC50, AC100, AC250, AC500, AC750, AC1000 and AC2000.

For more information, contact Dan Falcone at Toledo Integrated Systems:
Sales@ttoledo.com, (419) 867-4170 or visit www.ToledoIntegratedSystems.com.

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