LLSSA Argentina / Danone Upgrades Westfalia AS/RS

11 Years Old High Density AS/RS installs new SRM and Updates Controls
for Increased Speed and Throughput

YORK, PA - A long-time Westfalia customer, Logistica La Serenisima S.A. (LLSSA), the joint venture of Danone and Mastellone in Argentina, recently upgraded and expanded their Automated Storage & Retrieval System (AS/RS) in Buenos Aires to meet the need for increased speed and throughput in their automated warehouse. In addition to adding a 4th Storage/Retrieval Machine (SRM), the software and conveyor controls were updated to accommodate dispatch missions to the new machine, and a new safety zone was added to aisle one.

Aside from the expanded storage, LLSSA's chief concern was installing this SRM quickly. Within 30 days the new SRM was fully operational and integrated into the warehouse control system and WMS. The entire project included removing racks, installing a power bus, installing the SRM, revising conveyor controls, updating WMS, testing, and re-installing the racks.

The original AS/RS was installed 11 years ago, and at that time was an ambitious project, somewhat ahead of its time. It involved placing 3 SRMs in 2 aisles; therefore running 2 SRMs in one aisle. (The new SRM will enable both aisles to have 2 SRMs.) Each SRM handles 2 pallets at a time for maximum throughput. Integrated into the 5 level AS/RS are 2 lifts, 3 transfer cars for staging, pallet conveyors, pick-to-light, pick-to-light, case flow replenishment, each pick integration, re-palletizing and truck accumulation. Controlling and managing all the product flows and order processing is Westfalia's pre-Savanna Warehouse Management Software. These complex pallet and case handling systems are becoming more popular in the US today, often including robotic palletizing that wasn't available back then.

As Mr. Eduardo Chiarello, Chief of Engineering at LLSSA explains, "The system has allowed us to service the local Buenos Aires market efficiently for 11 years. The durability of the equipment is truly remarkable, and Westfalia continues to support the hardware and software efficiently, as this upgrade has shown."

To learn more about Westfalia's successful AS/RS and WMS installation, please visit www.WestfaliaUSA.com and click on the 'Industry Solutions' tab.

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