Live-Floor Trailer targets extreme-duty applications.

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Suited for mining industry, THINWALL V-Floor Trailer combines light weight aluminum body with self-unloading operation. V-Floor unloader operates without conveyor belts and is wholly accessible from under trailer for servicing. V-Plow cleaning system works with V-Floor to clean between V-shaped steel slats after load is walked off. Trailer expands range of potential backhauls to include payloads of rock and aggregate, logs, and bulk wood chips.

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Specially Equipped "Extreme-Duty" Live-Floor Trailer Expands Backhaul Choices, Simplifies Servicing for Mining Applications

Delhi, ON - Building on the world's first high-capacity aluminum body self-unloading trailer specifically designed for extreme-duty applications, Titan Trailers has opened the door to improved productivity for truckers serving the mining industry.

Titan recently unveiled a specially equipped version of its THIN WALL(TM) aluminum trailer featuring a new "V-Plow" cleaning system to complement its V-Floor(TM) unloading system. The THINWALL V-Floor trailer combines the capacity, durability and light weight of Titan aluminum body construction with the self-unloading efficiency and strength of a solid steel KEITH® WALKING FLOOR®. With the addition of the V-Plow from KEITH, the V-Floor trailer is now available with an improved self-cleaning system, as requested by mining customers for use with payloads of ore concentrate.

According to Titan President Mike Kloepfer, the new trailer offers truckers a simpler and more versatile alternative to belt-out ore carriers. The V-Floor unloader operates without conveyor belts and is wholly accessible from under the trailer for servicing. With its traditional box shape and solid steel floor, Titan's open-top V-Floor trailer greatly expands the range of potential backhauls to include payloads of rock and aggregate, logs and bulk wood chips. "You can even load it with any kind of palleted goods," says Kloepfer. "You can drive a forklift right into the back of the trailer."

The new trailer also offers a welcome alternative to dump trailers for carrying ore payloads. Kloepfer explains, "As dump trailers get longer to accommodate new haul road restrictions, they become less stable when the load is elevated. The V-Floor keeps the load level and safer as it unloads, as well as higher cubic capacity."

Since it was first introduced last year, the V-Floor trailer has been attracting attention in "extreme duty" applications such as forestry, scrap and demolition. KEITH WALKING FLOOR first developed the steel V-Floor concept for stationary installations in recycling yards. With the development of newer high-wear, high-yield steels, V-Floor systems can now be installed in trailers that have to take heavy impacts and abrasion without a prohibitive increase in weight. To handle fine abrasives, such as sand or ore concentrate, KEITH eliminated seals from the V-Floor design by overlapping the V-Slats and mounting them on a full-length bearing.

The newest development, the V-Plow, works with the V-Floor to clean between the V-shaped steel slats after the load is walked off. The first of the new Titan V-Floor trailers is going into service in northern Ontario this spring. Titan will custom-build the THINWALL V-Floor trailer for virtually any extreme-duty requirement including multi-axle and B-train units.

Titan Trailers is a world-class innovation leader in the hauling industry long recognized for job-specific functionality and attention to manufacturing detail. Titan Trailers offer business-minded haulers a complete line of trailers utilizing advanced design and manufacturing technologies based on the patented THINWALL extruded aluminum panel. Titan's focuses its extensive R&D activities on making its trailers the best business choice for operators in the custom trailer market.

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