LitePoint Supports Bluetooth Low-Energy Testing

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Dec. 14, 2010 -- LitePoint Corporation, the leader in wireless test solutions, is the first company to offer a single box solution that tests Bluetooth Low-Energy (Bluetooth LE) technology in combination with classic Bluetooth and WiFi.

"Having a Bluetooth LE solution available to our customers as a free software download illustrates LitePoint's ongoing commitment to staying at the forefront of wireless technology and preserving investment value for our customers. This new innovation enables our customers to stay current with the latest wireless technologies without having to invest in new hardware," said John Lukez, LitePoint's director of product marketing.

A Complete Test Solution

The new LitePoint IQ2010 software allows users to test both transmit and receive performance, including output power, modulation characteristics, carrier frequency offset--among others. This will enable device makers to develop, test, manufacture and bring Bluetooth LE devices to market much more quickly. This will be important, for example, for the burgeoning market of wireless medical devices. Explains Lukez, "A Bluetooth-enabled, wearable medical sensor can send critical information about the status of a patient to a Bluetooth-enabled phone. The very low power consumption makes Bluetooth technology an excellent fit for these applications."

The Low-Energy Revolution

Because Bluetooth LE substantially reduces power consumption versus classic Bluetooth, a Bluetooth LE device can run on a single coin cell battery for a year or more. This will enable development of a new market of small wearable wireless devices for functions such as medical monitoring, personal fitness, and an array of consumer devices.

Available with IQ2010 Base Configuration - No License Required

The new Bluetooth LE analysis functionality is now available as a free download from the LitePoint website ( to customers currently using LitePoint IQ2010 test systems. For new customers the release is included in the system software for the IQ2010 at no additional cost.

About LitePoint Corporation

LitePoint Corporation is based in Sunnyvale California and designs, develops, and supports advanced wireless test solutions for developers of wireless devices and consumer electronics, contract manufacturers, and wireless integrated circuit designers. LitePoint solutions have optimized and verified the operation of more than one billion wireless devices worldwide. LitePoint products are used in development environments and high-volume manufacturing and provide its customers with superior ROI, faster times-to-market, improved manufacturing yields, improved product quality, and increased profitability. For more information, go to

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