Lite Coms Continues To Modernize VSAT

Rochester, N.Y., Dec. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Lite Coms LLC announces that it received the following nomenclature on its Lite Sat 1.3m Family of VSAT terminals:

X Band, AN/TSC-248(V)1
Ka band, AN/TSC-248(V)2
Ku band, AN/TSC-248(V)3

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This advanced line of terminals is the result of a partnership with AvL Technologies, Mission Microwave, Orbital Research and iDirect Government. The AN/TSC-248 Family of terminals are comprised of an integrated Lite Sat 1.3M Auto Acquire terminal with the Lite Sat Tactical Modem Assembly (TMA) featuring the iDirect 950 Satellite Modem, LNB's from Orbital including the Lite Coms Wide Band Custom Ku LNB and the SSPAs from Mission Microwave. Lite Coms has integrated all of the above into a light weight, rapid set up, small pack-out feature rich system with optional new User Friendly Lite Link Graphical User Interface.

"This highly transportable terminal packs smaller than many sub-one meters, assembles in minutes and delivers incredible performance and through-put at a highly competitive price. It is the result of countless hours spent with customers whose input strongly influenced the final design and configuration," stated Lite Coms President and CEO, Bob Jacobson. "We also want to thank all of our partners who contributed in this project."

"Mission Microwave is pleased to enable Lite Coms with the industry's smallest, lightest, and most power efficient BUCs, to create an unbeatable multi-band transportable terminal," said Francis Auricchio, President and CEO of Mission Microwave Technologies. "Our Stinger BUCs feature a common package size and interfaces to allow switching between frequency bands to be as easy as swapping out the package. Mission Microwave's technological advances have enabled high throughput while maintaining high reliability in an ultra-compact form factor."

iDirect Government's President, John Ratigan also commented, "iDirect Government is privileged to have had this opportunity to work with our partners to deliver another incredible solution to the government sector. This triple threat product provides compact size, quick assembly and tremendous through-put, allowing our customers to focus on their mission. I think this product will serve as testament to our incredible partners who have worked tirelessly to make this reality."

Mike Proffitt, President and COO of AvL Technologies, also added, "AvL is honored and excited to be a partner on this amazing team. This unique terminal incorporates features, capabilities and robust performance that customers need today and for the foreseeable future."

Ian McEachern, President and CEO of Orbital Research stated, "We are pleased to have partnered with Lite Coms on the development of these terminals. The team at Lite Coms had challenging requirements and working collaboratively we were able to meet the customers' needs with LNB's that were tailored to their specific requirements."

Lite Coms LLC is located in Rochester, NY, specializing in the design and manufacture of the most advanced line Parabolic and Flat Panel Satellite Terminals satisfying the needs of customers around the globe.

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