LIT-TOF Mass Spectrometer combines several technologies.

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NanoFrontier® LC/MS platform combines separation of nanoLC with sensitivity of linear ion trap (LIT) as well as mass accuracy and resolution of time-of-flight (TOF) mass analyzer. Able to operate in LIT or QIT-TOF mode, hybrid product incorporates features geared towards metabolomics, biomarker discovery and validation, and protein identification. Platform utilizes dual exchange gradient system and Information Based Acquisition technology.

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Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc. Announces the Release of a New nanoLC Linear Ion Trap TOF Mass Spectrometer at ASMS 2006 in Seattle, Washington

SAN JOSE, Calif., July 11 -- Hitachi High Technologies, Inc. announced the release of their new hybrid linear ion trap time-of-flight mass spectrometer (LIT-TOF MS) at ASMS2006 on May 28th, 2006. This new platform is the first commercially available instrument to combine the reproducibility and robustness of a true splitless nanoflow LC with the sensitivity and mass accuracy of a linear ion trap time-of-flight mass spectrometer.

With an ever increasing demand for mass spectrometry-based biomarker validation, it is essential for mass spectrometry platforms to provide high throughput solutions, high mass accuracy, increased sensitivity and most importantly sound quantitative analysis. Achieving this level of quantitative performance requires sound software, high sensitivity and sufficient dynamic range. The NanoFrontier(R) LC/MS platform is a hybrid system that combines the unparalleled separation of a nanoLC with the high sensitivity of a linear ion trap and the high mass accuracy and resolution of a time-of-flight mass analyzer. In addition, this system has the flexibility to operate in either LIT or QIT-TOF mode. This novel LC/MS platform implements features specifically geared towards metabolomics, biomarker discovery and validation, and protein identification. Research scientists at Pfizer's La Jolla Laboratories are currently utilizing the NanoFrontier(R) for a wide variety of metabolomic and proteomic applications.

The nanoLC, which is also available as a stand alone unit, was introduced this year at Pittcon 2006 in March. This splitless nanoLC utilizes a dual exchange gradient system (DEGS) for the generation of reproducible gradient curves which in turn affords excellent retention time reproducibility.

The NanoFrontier(R) platform utilizes Hitachi's Information Based Acquisition (IBA) technology for MS/MS analyses. For repetitive analyses, it is possible to record the retention time, mass, and MS/MS data in the internal database in real-time. In subsequent runs of the same sample, MS/MS is performed on different parent ions which minimizes overlapping MS/MS analyses. This enhanced MS/MS efficiency allows for increased protein information for low abundance ions. Additionally, the IBA process is applicable for comparisons between samples.

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