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Liquidtight Fittings suit hazardous electrical applications.

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Jul 28, 2014 - Available in 3/8–4 in. trade sizes in straight, 45°, and 90° body designs, 4QS Steel Liquidtight Fittings suit jobs requiring protection of electrical wiring from liquids, vapors, or solids. Straight connectors have zinc-plated steel body and nut, while 45° and 90° bodies feature malleable iron/zinc plated design. Captive gland stays in connector, facilitating installation, while hex-shaped gland nut and extended length hub enables use of bushings to protect conductors from abrasion.

O-Z/Gedney - Rosemont, IL

Original Press Release

O-Z/Gedney Liquidtight Fittings Available in Wider Size Range for More Flexibility in Hazardous Electrical Applications

Press release date: Jul 21, 2014

ROSEMONT, IL -- Appleton Group, a division of Emerson Industrial Automation, announced today that its O-Z/Gedney brand has expanded its time-proven line of 4QS Steel Liquidtight Fittings with trade sizes now ranging from 3/8-inch to 4-inches in body designs of straight, 45° and 90°.

"Trusted by electricians who value serious protection from liquids seeping into power lines and extreme durability, our 4QS now come in a wider choice of fittings for installation in hazardous locations, such as petrochemical plants and other heavy industrial applications, that call for extra flexibility," said Rick Jones, Product Marketing Manager for Appleton Group.

With their compact form factor for a tighter turning radius, along with a rugged design that withstands the most abusive environments, 4QS fittings are also ideal for use in machine tool building, motor and transformer terminations, robotics assembly, air conditioning installation or other jobs that require the protection of electrical wiring from liquids, vapors or solids.

Performance-enhancing features include a zinc-plated steel body and nut for the straight connectors, and a malleable iron/zinc plated design for the 45° and 90° bodies. Both ensure a long service life, minimizing costly service calls.

The 4QS has a captive gland that stays in the connector, making installation quick and easy, along with a hex-shaped gland nut and an extra long hub that enables the use of bushings to protect conductors from abrasion. The reusable ferrule can be disassembled to save time and money in retrofit jobs.

O-Z/Gedney 4QS Connectors are available in insulated or non-insulated. The sealing gasket and locknut are included with the connector, eliminating the need for separate purchases.

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O-Z/Gedney is a premium line of hazardous location products under the Appleton Group family of brands. Appleton Group is a worldwide manufacturer of electrical products for virtually every type of environment. Distributors, contractors, engineers, electricians and site maintenance professionals around the world trust Appleton Group brands to make electrical installations safer, more productive and more reliable. Appleton Group is organized into three focused businesses that provide distributors and end-users expert knowledge and excellent service. It is a division of Emerson Industrial Automation and is headquartered in Rosemont, IL.

For over 150 years, O-Z/Gedney has provided the electrical products that many installations rely on to help process food, clean water, generate power and get the public safely from place to place. It offers fittings and enclosures to meet the needs of commercial and infrastructure locations, from zinc fittings for commercial applications to corrosion resistant and explosionproof products for harsh and hazardous industrial environments. The materials, field research and design innovation come together in products that are unsurpassed for reliability and durability.