Liquid Silicone Rubber offers oil and fuel resistance.

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Available as translucent, 2-component silicone rubber, FSL 7586/40 TP3854 incorporates tailored fluorine structures. Self-lubricating ability derives from fluid that exudes from cured rubber over extended period, ranging from a few hours to 1 day. Low temperature flexibility down to -50°C makes elastomer suited for gasketing and sealing applications, such as those found in under-the-hood automotive applications.

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New Liquid Silicone Rubber Grade from GE Advanced Materials Offers Improved Oil and Fuel Resistance, Excellent Processability

WATERFORD, N.Y. - May 27, 2005 - With the commercial launch of FSL 7586/40 TP3854, GE Advanced Materials is introducing a new liquid silicone rubber (LSR) grade that combines improved oil and fuel resistance, self-lubricating performance, and excellent processing properties. This fast-curing silicone elastomer may be used for gasketing and sealing applications, such as those found in under-the-hood automotive applications.

GE's innovative formulation of its new FSL 7586/40 TP3854 grade incorporates tailored fluorine structures that enable it to help deliver processing performance similar to non-fluorinated LSRs, but with greatly enhanced chemical resistance.

The properties of this material may make it suitable for use in applications that require occasional contact with automotive fuels or long-term contact with most automotive oils like connector gaskets and parts in air-intake systems.

"FSL 7586/40 TP3854 LSR offers low compression set and low swelling, helping it to provide excellent long-term sealing," said Heinz Mueller, industry manager Automotive Elastomers, GE Advanced Materials. "Also, its much lower volume swell makes this liquid silicone rubber product a versatile alternative to conventional, non-fluorinated grades."

This new grade can be used in liquid injection-molding processes. The material enables high-performance elastomeric parts with self-lubricating properties. Its ability to self-lubricate derives from a fluid that exudes from the cured rubber over an extended period, ranging from a few hours to one day. The practical effect is that FSL 7586/40 TP3854 offers reduced insertion forces for complicated parts.

Available as a translucent two-component silicone rubber, FSL 7586/40 TP3854 also offers colorability for color-coded parts. Its high temperature stability translates into durable physical properties, potentially allowing extended performance in seals and gaskets. In addition, this new grade offers low temperature flexibility - down to -50 C - ensuring excellent sealing, even at the lower limit of automotive requirements.

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