Liquid Density Meter/Hydrometer uses in-tank probe.

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Utilizing in-tank, drop-hang submersible probe, Model SG-100M measures, monitors, records, and controls specific gravity and liquid density. Probe can be used independently or integrated into existing PLC. Users submerge probe up to 500 ft and connect to electronics module to provide digital readouts of user-defined values. For automatic process control, 4–20 mA analog output board can be used. Since pressure is irrelevant for SG-100M, it can measure in any depth/density of liquids or slurries.

Original Press Release:

In-tank Density Meter / Specific Gravity Meter

Digital Hydrometer with in-tank probe for easy & safe measurement!

Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Eagle Eye Power Solutions (EEPS) offers an easy-to-use liquid density meter / electronic hydrometer that utilizes a measurement probe for in-tank measurements. The SG-100M specific gravity meter / liquid density monitor has an in-tank, drop-hang submersible probe that measures, monitors, records and controls specific gravity/liquid density. The unit allows for customer customization to meet exact testing requirements.

The SG-100M measurement probe can be used independently or integrated into an existing PLC (Programmable Logic Controller).  An optional 4-20mA analog output board is often used with the SG-100M for automatic process control. The unit allows for continuous monitoring and management of in-tank solutions. Real-time process control achieves consistent product quality and accurate measurements while continually regulating liquids and/or slurries.

The SG-100M is used in a large variety of industry sectors including petrochemicals, oil & gas, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, and other chemical applications. Simply submerge the measuring probe up to 500 feet and connect to the electronics module to provide digital readouts of user defined values such as Density, Specific Gravity, Baume, Brix, and Alcohol %. Pressure is irrelevant for the SG-100M, it can measure in any depth or density of liquids or slurries.

To learn more about the SG-100M offered by Eagle Eye Power Solutions, please visit Eagle Eye Power Solutions is your leader in monitoring, testing and charging solutions.

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