Liquid Cold Plates cool power electronics.

Press Release Summary:

Able to fit most standard IGBT modules, XtremeChill™ Cold Plates utilize advanced oblique fin patented technology, which offers thermal cooling and heating with no pressure drop. Disruptive technology introduces continuous interruption of thermal boundary layer, which promotes enhanced fluid mixture. In addition to maximizing cooling in very compact package, plates enable spot cooling and maintain uniform module temperature.

Original Press Release:

GCoreLab Harnesses a Decade's Worth of R&D Technology with Introduction of XtremeChill Liquid Cold Plates for Power Electronics

SINGAPORE, -- GCoreLab, a leading thermal management company, today announced the launch of its next generation of cold plates for the cooling of power electronics. The plates are designed to significantly increase the performance and reliability of current power electronics by advancing a novel and unique solution in heat dissipation.

The XtremeChill™ plate utilizes GCoreLab´s award-winning and highly advanced oblique fin patented technology, which offers superior thermal cooling and heating performance -- with no pressure drop. The technology, first developed by Professor PS Lee at the National University of Singapore, is an accumulation of more than a decade of research in this arena.

XtremeChill™ provides up to 100% increase in performance over current industry offerings using pin or straight fin plates. The key is a disruptive technology that introduces a continuous interruption of the thermal boundary layer, which promotes an enhanced fluid mixture.

GCoreLab's XtremeChill™ IGBT liquid cold plate series offers these advantages:

Fits most standard IGBT modules

Maximizes cooling in a very compact package

Enables spot cooling and maintains uniform module temperature

"With decades of thermal research and years of proven technology, we are very proud to provide clients a state-of-the art yet competitively priced solution to resolve a critical need. As growth in power electronics in solar/wind farms and electrical vehicles continues, the need for our product grows exponentially," said Ray Kung, CEO of GCoreLab.

"We are delighted to see the commercialization of this technology, which began its life in an academic research setting and has now been brought to market, to solve cooling and heating problems," said Ms Irene Cheong, Director NUS Industry Liaison Office.

XtremeChill™ can be ordered now and distributed. For product ordering and information please visit our website or email our US offices.

About GCoreLab

GCoreLab Private Ltd, founded in 2011, is a world-leading high-performance thermal management solutions provider for cleantech applications. Incubated by the National University of Singapore since 2010, GCoreLab was spun off to commercialize effective thermal management system for the next generation of power electronics and electrical vehicles.


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