Liquid Chromatograph suits polymer chemistry applications.

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Featuring auto-validation, Prominence GPC delivers analytical data in measuring distribution of molecular weights. To suppress baseline drift, RID-10A detector locates optical system inside double temperature-controlled housing and controls inflowing mobile phase temperature. Use of degasser with 380 µL capacity cuts time required for system to stabilize, while micro-plunger actuation and automatic pulse compensation provide pulse-free solvent delivery and optimize elution time repeatability.

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Shimadzu Introduces Gel Permeation Chromatography System

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments introduces the Prominence GPC high performance liquid chromatograph for use in polymer chemistry. The Prominence GPC is designed specifically to deliver reliable analytical data in measuring the distribution of molecular weights.

Shimadzu's Prominence GPC includes enhanced baseline stability, solvent delivery and auto-validation to assure data reliability. To suppress baseline drift that often occurs in GPC, the Prominence GPC's RID-10A detector locates the optical system inside a double temperature-controlled housing and controls inflowing mobile phase temperature. The use of a high-efficiency degasser with a capacity of only 380 uL significantly reduces the time required for the system to stabilize.

With GPC measurement, even small elution time errors can lead to large variations in measurement results. To solve this problem, Shimadzu's Prominence GPC system utilizes high-speed micro-plunger actuation and automatic pulse compensation to provide pulse-free solvent delivery and improve elution time repeatability.

The Prominence GPC auto-validation feature is useful for IQ/OQ procedures during installation. It helps users evaluate the operating status of each unit and manage maintenance information during periodic inspections. An optional column management device recognizes column name, serial number or other column information. It also stores usage history information.

Shimadzu's Prominence GPC also comes standard with features to increase usability, including a wide selection of data analysis and report generation tools. With LCsolution GPC software, users can create GPC calibration curves using a visual interface; determine data processing methods with post-run analysis using a variety of functions; and simplify analysis of multiple-sample data with data comparison. In addition, CLASS-Agent data management software provides highly secure data control.

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