Liquid Catalyst enhances engine fuel burning efficiency.

Press Release Summary:

Enviro Plus(TM) can help reduce emissions and opacity while optimizing performance and yield of fuels used by fuel terminals, power plants, and commercial/maritime vessels. Specifically, this liquid catalyst ensures fuels burn in less time and more completely. This results in more energy to drive piston and less lost as heat or pollution. Product can be used to enhance any type of fuel, including gasoline, biodiesel, diesel, maritime, heavy fuel oils, and coal.

Original Press Release:

Environmental Breakthrough for Fuels

Enviro Petroleum announces an environmentally friendly breakthrough for the petroleum industry that compares only to the elimination of lead from gasoline in 1973 Enviro Plus(TM) turns regular fuels into "greener fuels"

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Enviro Petroleum introduces Enviro Plus(TM), a liquid catalyst that reduces emissions and opacity while increasing performance and yield to fuels used by Fuel Terminals, Power Plants, Commercial & Maritime vessels.

"The introduction of Enviro Plus(TM) is not only environmental, but revolutionary. Reducing emissions is now possible, inexpensive and has zero implementation cost to the end users. I am positive that this day will be annotated in history as the day the world started to reverse the greenhouse effect," indicated Luis Castro, CEO for Enviro, who holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering.

What does Enviro Plus(TM) offer?

With the introduction of Enviro Plus(TM) hydrocarbon fuel users can reduce emissions by improving the efficiency of their engines. Treated fuels will burn in less time and more completely. This translates into increased efficiencies and reduced maintenance, i.e. more energy is used to drive the piston and less is lost as heat or pollution."

The Enviro Plus(TM) formula has been tested by independent laboratories and government agencies on five continents with proven test results as well as being used for over 5 billion miles of land and sea, safely and effectively. Worth noting is that Enviro Plus(TM) enhances all types of fuels, including gasoline, biodiesel, diesel, maritime, heavy fuel oils and coal.

"Our program consists of selecting fuel distributors throughout the world, eager to 'lead the charge' in this environmental initiative. This initiative will help communities save on fuel consumption and clean the air we breathe, while at the same time producing a significant and measurable impact in favor of the environment," commented Mr. Tim Kelleher, COO for Enviro.

Much has been said about the environment, but until now no realistic solutions have been implemented to actually reduce pollution. Enviro Plus(TM) offers the practical means to reduce contamination from hydrocarbons. Less contamination and better economy seems like pretty good news. To request these benefits for you and your communities go to Enviro's homepage and click on the poll. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter under Enviro Plus(TM).

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