Liquavista Talks Scalability & Versatility at Next Months FPD/ISEP 2010

Liquavista BV will be talking next month at FPD/ISEP 2010 in Japan about the scalability and versatility of its electrowetting displays and how this can benefit manufacturers of consumer electronics.

"We've chosen FPD Japan to talk about the scalability of electrowetting technology because now that the technology is on the verge of becoming available we feel that it's critical to describe what is possible and to share this with the industry." Said Johan Feenstra, Liquavista's CTO & Founder. "We've already proven in prototype production that we can develop a variety of displays ranging from 1.8" to 8.5" diagonal and believe there is no physical limitation to the size of screen that can be developed using electrowetting technology."

"Demonstrating the ability to make electrowetting panels for all display applications regardless of their screen size shows the clear vision that Liquavista has of the future." Added Guy Demuynck, Liquavista's CEO. "Pairing this flexibility in size with the versatility of the technology brings a compelling proposition for any manufacturer of electronic devices, regardless of the application. We have the manufacturer and consumer at the heart of our roadmap. In support of the commercial delivery of our product next year, we believe it's important to deliver screens which can be used in any device from small scale mobile displays through to large scale outdoor screens."

Liquavista's LCD 2.0 technology has been designed as a straightforward upgrade to existing LCD manufacturing facilities. It is the only technology, other than LCD, which operates in all three modes; reflective, transmissive or transflective, while offering strongly increased optical performance. These benefits enable our partners to quickly re-use their manufacturing assets to produce electrowetting displays and not only use these in existing applications but strive for future products that bring further added benefits to the consumer such as outdoor viewing and paper like content.

Liquavista's display technology can be used in all contemporary display applications, such as mobile phones, eReaders, tablets and notebooks and in the future will also be available for large format displays such as TV's and outdoor screens.

Liquavista's CTO Johan Feenstra will be talking at FPD Japan on Nov, 10th at 13.30 - 14.00 in room 201, International Conference Hall ( If you're unable to hear Johan Feenstra at the show then logon to our website after the event to review the presentation.

About Liquavista -

Liquavista offers a new type of electronic display technology that will change the way we interact with all consumer electronics devices, including mobile phones, media players, and electronic readers. Liquavista's displays create bright and colourful images that ensure excellent indoor and outdoor readability and use dramatically less battery power. Users can engage with their favourite applications for much longer before a recharge is necessary and battery sizes can be reduced allowing devices to be thinner and lighter.

The company's ultimate vision is to build on the extraordinary optical performance and unique power efficiency of its technology to lead a green revolution in displays for notebook PCs, desktop monitors and televisions that use less than one-tenth of the power of current devices.

Liquavista's electrowetting display technology has been developed to be directly compatible with existing display manufacturing techniques and processes. Called LCD 2.0, partners can quickly re-use their manufacturing assets to manufacture displays based upon Liquavista's technology and bring exciting, highly differentiated products to consumers with both enhanced usability and performance.

Liquavista has developed three technology platforms (LiquavistaBright(TM), LiquavistaColor(TM) and LiquavistaVivid(TM)) based on electrowetting display technology initially for use in eReaders, mobile phones, media players, and other mobile devices. In the future Liquavista will develop and market further technology platforms, which will support future generations of all consumer electronic products, including mobile through to advanced TV and computing devices.

Liquavista was founded in 2006 as a spin-off from the world famous Philips Research Labs in Eindhoven. The company is backed by Amadeus Capital Partners, Gimv, Applied Materials and Prime Technology Ventures. It is headquartered in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

MEDIA: For further information please contact:

Joanne Eames, Liquavista UK

+ 44 (0) 7840 937841, or

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