Linked Servo Motors can act as singular multi-axis controller.

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Integrating brushless motor, encoder, controller, and amplifier, Class 5 SmartMotor(TM) features communication speeds to 115.2 kBaud in RS-232 and RS-485 ports; isolated, 24 V I/O; and gearing, camming, and contouring functions. Combitronic(TM) technology enables over 100 SmartMotor servos to be linked over CAN. One program can be written in one motor to control all of those connected, or each motor can have its own program and share resources with every other motor.

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Animatics Introduces the Class 5 SmartMotor(TM): Breakneck Communication Speeds and Animatics Own Combitronic(TM) Technology

Santa Clara, CA -Animatics introduces the world's most powerful integrated servo: the Class 5 SmartMotor featuring patent-pending Combitronic technology. In 1994, Animatics introduced the first fully integrated SmartMotor servos featuring an internal brushless motor, encoder, controller and amplifier, and have been improving and perfecting the technology ever since. Building upon nearly 15 years of innovation and advancement, the new Class 5 SmartMotor shatters every precedent set by the previous generation SmartMotor servos.

With the optional feature of patent-pending Combitronic technology, more than 100 SmartMotor servos can be linked over CAN to create what the programmer experiences as one giant multi-axis controller. Combitronic allows any SmartMotor to read from, write to, and control any other SmartMotor to ensure the highest dependability and no data collision or loss. One program can be written in one motor to control ALL, or each motor can have its own program, sharing resources with every other, for one giant multi-tasking, multi-processing system. Even without the Combitronic option, Class 5 SmartMotor communication speeds blaze at up to 115.2kBaud in both the RS-232 and RS-485 ports. Isolated, 24V I/O has been added, program execution speeds are vastly increased and the industries most advanced Gearing, Camming and Contouring functions have been added. Applications abound (and many of which can be found at The Class 5 SmartMotor ! with Combitronic Technology has truly delivered Centralized Computing Simplicity with Distributed Computing Power.

"We are very excited about Class 5 because it can do nearly anything, things even well established, centralized controls cannot do" said CEO Robert Bigler "We have sold thousands to key customer accounts before even releasing it on our website, and displaced dozens of conventional control systems and competitive Integrated Servo brands - Engineers love that they can write one simple program and not a stitch of code for communications". The official launch of the Class 5 product line took place at the Animatics October Institute, where a hall of Animatics staff and distributors from around the world attending the Animatics Institute watched as Animatics' completely new website went live. Signaling a new era of Animatics' innovation, the website's abundance of information and resources all centered around one spotlight: the Class 5 SmartMotor.

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Animatics Corporation is the global leader in integrated motion control. Animatics is located in the heart of Silicon Valley and designs, manufactures, and markets motion control products and systems, and has over 23 years in the motion control industry.
Animatics is Defining the Future of Motion Control!

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