Linemaster's Phacoemulsification Foot Switch

Woodstock, CT.- Linemaster Switch Corporation, the leading manufacturer of foot controls in the world, is proud to introduce a foot control specifically designed for Phacoemulsification applications. "Phacoemulsification" is a form of cataract surgery that utilizes a foot switch to control the irrigation, aspiration, and ultrasonic power delivery to a probe that breaks up and removes a cataract from your eye. The main treadle of Linemaster's Phaco Foot Switch can operate these three functions by utilizing Hall Effect technology. The Hall Effect pedal produces a tuned linear response curve and provides the surgeon smooth actuation throughout the surgery. During this procedure the surgeon also uses a microscope that can be maneuvered in and out for a precise view of the eye. The microscope's "zoom in" and "zoom out" functions are controlled by pressing the hall effect digital flapper pedals located to the left and right of the main treadle. This surgery can often times warrant two separate foot pedals, one for the microscope and one for the Phaco operations, but Linemaster was able to incorporate all of these functions into one foot switch. A surgeon needs the precise control of both hands to hold instruments and operate within a confined area and Linemaster's Foot Switch gives them that ability. During assembly and final test the foot switch is calibrated by electronic automated test equipment to ensure full stroke and response, as well as true linear signal response. Linemaster's Phaco foot control is a convenient and reliable human interface device that provides the functionality necessary for a successful surgery.

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