Linemaster's Omega Air Foot Control

Woodstock, CT.- Linemaster Switch Corporation introduces the Omega foot control. This addition to Linemaster's existing line of air foot controls offers a new five inch diameter foot print for the end user that is accessible from 360 degrees. The Omega air bulb is molded from black PVC material and is designed to have a smooth finish for ease of cleaning. The top of the air bulb features extruded ribs making it cosmetically pleasing, but more importantly they add foot traction for the user. A weight plate is molded into the PVC material used to make up the bulb, which provides stability for the foot switch and assists in keeping the foot switch upright. Off the shelf options are supplied with a 10 foot, 1/8" ID, black PVC tube that connects to a stainless steel barbed fitting at the bulb. An electrical snap switch assembly is attached at the user end, which can be either momentary or maintained, and can be positioned in a fashion that it is off the ground or floor and away from the elements. Specials variations with different length tubing options are available with a maximum range of 30 feet to assure proper actuation.

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