Linear-XY-Rotary Combination Stages

Low 42 mm height actuators

Stroke 100 mm to 600 mm

Precision ball bearings

Motorized Rotary stage

Compact multi-axes configuration

Stepper, Servo, SMART motors

The BSMA-140H is a compact, high-performance linear positioning stage that is perfect for the confines of the laboratory while providing the high reliability required in a production environment.

It is the ideal choice for measurement, testing, accurate alignment and component assembly.

The precision ball-screw provides accuracy, repeatability and positioning resolution capability to 1 micron.

The linear ball bearings provide smooth travel and excellent payload characteristics.

The RTLA-30-100 rotary stages incorporate a precision worm-gear drive mechanism and bearing components for accurate positioning performance over the lifetime of the product.

Compact in size, with only 100x100 mm footprint, RTLA-30-100 has center aperture 30 mm and low profile 45 mm. Choices of worm gear ratios 180:1, 90:1, 45:1 are available to achieve range of rotation speeds and translated resolution of 1.8 arc-sec.

Stages can be fitted with stepper motor, brush-less servo motor with rotary encoder or integrated SMART motors.

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