Linear Synchronous Motor suits material handling industries.

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Meter-long QuickStick(TM) 100 Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM) modules independently control up to 5 small vehicles and come with embedded position sensors and control software. Connected end-to-end for any length, modules propel, track, and control pallets by interacting with permanent magnet array on each vehicle. Built-in controls regulate speed, acceleration, direction, and permission to advance. It delivers standard positioning within ±0.5 mm.

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MagneMotion Introduces New QuickStick(TM) 100 LSM to Material Handling, Assembly Automation Industries

Acton, Massachusetts (June 28, 2005)

MagneMotion announced today the release of the new QuickStick(TM) 100 Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM), which, together with the QuickStick(TM) 500, offers a broader range of transport and control options for the assembly automation and material handling industries. The QuickStick 100 LSM is designed to handle smaller vehicles with a shorter headway between vehicles allowing for smaller payloads to travel at a higher throughput rate.

"The key difference lies in the number of vehicles a one-meter QuickStick module can handle simultaneously", says Product Manager, Joe Meagher, "Each QuickStick 100 LSM module can independently control as many as five small vehicles, making this new offering ideal for high-throughput transport and assembly of medical devices or consumer products such as cell phones, with a significant decrease in unit cost." The QuickStick 100 shares the same advantages as the QuickStick 500, offering the same vehicle movement and positioning features without the use of pneumatic stops, belts, pulleys or gears, resulting in less maintenance and a reduction in downtime. Cleanroom applications benefit from the reduction in airborne particles from wear parts.

The QuickStick LSM is a meter long linear motor module with embedded position sensors and control software. Connected end-to-end for virtually any length, the QuickSticks propel, track, and independently control pallets by interacting with a permanent magnet array on each vehicle. The QuickStick's built-in controls regulate speed, acceleration, direction, permission to advance, and standard positioning within +/- 0.5 mm, with the potential for +/- 0.05 mm repeatability. Each vehicle is passive, requiring no power or communication cables, allowing a broader range of movement and uses.

MagneMotion develops and manufactures assembly automation, material handling and transportation solutions using electro-magnetic technology. A proven front-runner in research and development of Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM) and maglev (magnetic levitation) systems, its scaleable LSM design allows for the handling of payloads as small as one pound, or as large as 25 tons. MagneMotion's clients include government agencies such as the DOT, DOE, NASA, the US Navy, and leaders in the transportation, mining, and manufacturing industries. MagneMotion holds patents and has special expertise in position sensing, communication, control and manufacturing of linear synchronous motors, as well as propulsion, levitation and guidance for maglev systems. Recent initiatives include the development of an urban maglev demonstration system in cooperation with the Federal Transit Administration, and an LSM-based elevator for the US Navy.

Contact Information:
Joe Meagher, Product Manager
MagneMotion, Inc.
20 Sudbury Road
Acton, MA 01720
Phone: 978-461-5090 x223
Fax: 978-461-5088

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