Linear Spectrometers feature 512 element photodiode array.

Press Release Summary:

Equipped with plug-and-play USB 2.0 interface, spectrograph, and 16-bit digitizer, Linear PDA Spectrometers utilize SMA 905 adapter to guide light to 25 µm input slit. Blazed concave holographic grating combines grating and focusing mirror, resulting in compact optical bench with minimal stray light and maximum throughput. In addition to data acquisition and processing, included software provides dark current compensation, spectrum smoothing, and baseline correction.

Original Press Release:

Linear PDA Based Spectrometers

o 512 Elements Linear PDA

o Low Stray Light for Maximum Throughput

o Enhanced NIR Quantum Efficiency and Excellent UV Response

o Wide Dynamic Range

These high performance Linear PDA Spectrometers feature high speed plug and play USB 2.0 interface, 512 element linear photodiode array (PDA), high throughput spectrograph and 16-bit built-in digitizer. The SMA 905 adapter provides precision fiber coupling to guide the light to the 25µm input slit. A blazed concave holographic grating combines two optical elements: grating and focusing mirror, resulting in a compact optical bench with minimum stray light and maximum throughput. The PDA array features high signal to noise ratio and enhanced UV and NIR sensitivity making it ideal for detecting small changes and low signal levels. The included software is intuitive to use and features a wide range of tools designed to simplify complex measurements and calculations. In addition to the data acquisition and processing, the software feature dark current compensation, spectrum smoothing and baseline correction.

Optional accessories include cuvette holder and reflectance probes, as well as, #54-302 White Reflecting Standard.

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