Linear Servomotor has high precision and simple construction.

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Direct-drive, backlash-free, Shaft Motor is driven by magnetic circuits consisting only of permanent magnets and coils. Coreless construction eliminates cogging, while high resolution of 0.14 nm makes motor suited for precise positioning. Unit provides virtually no fluctuation in speed and quiet operation due to absence of friction. It operates in harsh conditions such as vacuum situations and underwater.

Original Press Release:

New Shaft Motor: Simple Construction, High Precision

Nippon Pulse America, Inc., Radford, VA - (August 9, 2004) Nippon Pulse America, Inc. recently premiered their newest motor, the Shaft Motor. The Shaft Motor is a direct drive linear servomotor and is driven by using magnetic circuits consisting, only of permanent magnets and coils.

The Shaft Motor is quiet due to the absence of friction since the only mechanical contact section is the linear guide. The coreless construction of the Shaft Motor totally eliminates cogging. The Shaft Motor's high resolution (0.14 nanometers) means that it is ideal for precision positioning. With the Shaft Motor, you will find that you have virtually no fluctuation in speed. Durable construction makes it possible to operate the Shaft Motor in harsh conditions, including a vacuum situation and underwater. Compared to other linear motors on the market, the Shaft Motor is compact and lightweight. Due to its design, the Shaft Motor has no backlash.

The Shaft Motor is perfect for a wide range of applications. The Shaft Motor can be used in a diverse range of practical applications such as precision positioning, operation under adverse environmental conditions, and many others.

Nippon Pulse America, Inc. is the wholly owned American subsidiary of Nippon Pulse Motor Co., Ltd. Nippon Pulse offers various controllers (boards and chips), drivers (boards and chips), and motors (tin-can and hybrid) to cover almost any stepper motor application.

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