Linear Position Sensor is built to be intrinsically safe.

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Certified to Class 1, Div 1, Groups B/C/D, Positek X111 linear variable inductive transducer position/displacement sensor is built and calibrated for measurement ranges from 50-800 mm. Unit is constructed with stainless steel body and has no wearing contacts. It is offered in various mounting configurations, has built-in EMC protection, and can be sealed to IP65-IP68 standards. To represent absolute position, product offers either 0.5-9.5 Vdc or 4-20 mA analog output signal.

Original Press Release:

Everight Precision Introduces World's Most Robust, Intrinsically Safe Linear Position Sensor in its Class

Penn Valley, PA, April 12, 2007... Everight Precision Technologies Corporation, the North American distributor for British sensor manufacturer Positek, Ltd., offers the Positek X111 intrinsically safe linear variable inductive transducer position sensor for use in oil and gas exploration, production, and transportation, heavy equipment, factory automation applications. ATEX certified to EEX ia IIC TA standards (TA = -40º to +80 ºC), equivalent to US Class 1, Div 1, Groups B, C, D, the X111 is the world's most robust intrinsically safe linear position/displacement sensor in the 50 - 800mm measurement range. Built and calibrated for the user's measurement range, the X111 is highly linear and repeatable, and offered in a variety of mounting configurations. Positek X Series sensors provide either a 0.5 - 9.5V DC or a 4-20mA analog output signal that represents absolute position available immediately on power up.

With no wearing contacts, Positek inductive transducers are extremely reliable over very long time periods (virtual infinite life) and maintain output stability over a wide temperature range. The X111 features rugged stainless steel bodies sealing between IP65 and IP68, depending upon selected cable or connector options. Full EMC protection is built in. For price and delivery information, please contact Les Schaevitz at 610-453-3075/ email at or visit our web site at .

About Everight Precision
Everight Precision Technologies Corporation is proud to be the North American distributor for Positek, Ltd., of Great Britain, one of the world's premier designers of linear and rotary variable inductive transducers. The company is also a "sensor integrator", bringing together various position sensor technologies with customized mechanical packaging to create position sensor devices for specific OEM applications. For more information on Everight Precision Technologies Corporation, please refer to our web site at

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