Linear Motor Slides utilize coreless motor design.

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With positional repeatability of ±5 µm, Phaser(TM) linear motor slides provide direct feedback of table position through 1 µm high-resolution proprietary magnetic linear scale. Compact products offer max acceleration of 3 Gs, max speed of 2,500 mm/sec, payloads to 20 kg, and stroke lengths to 2,000 mm. Features include stainless steel cover band, self-lubricating bearings on linear guide, and no-wear parts in drive section.

Original Press Release:

Low Cost, Compact, Lightweight, Linear Motor Slide Offers Outstanding Performance

The new ultra-fast Phaser(TM) series linear motor slides from Yamaha Robotics offer outstanding performance at a cost comparable to conventional ball screw servo motor slides. Designed to provide direct feedback of the table position, through Yamaha's proprietary magnetic linear scale, the Phaser(TM) series feature positional repeatability of +/-5 µm. Through outstanding technology and its 1 µm high-resolution scale, the speed ripple effect is reduced, allowing for smooth operation at all speeds, making the Phaser ideal for applications ranging from high speed positioning to slow smooth testing equipment. By incorporating a coreless motor design, the Phaser contributes to downsizing the machine as a whole, since it is about 40% smaller in cross sectional area and 1/3 lighter than competitors' frame style linear motor slides.

The Phaser has a maximum acceleration of 3G's, max speeds as fast as 2500 mm/sec, payloads up to 20 kg and stroke lengths up to 2000 mm. Optional Dual Drive software allows for two independent tables to be mounted on one slide for space savings, or two slides to operate simultaneously for increased thrust capability. A stainless steel cover band is provided as standard to allow for more freedom in installation even in dusty environments. Long periods of maintenance-free operation are assured through the use of self-lubricating bearings on the linear guide, and no wear parts in the drive section of the Phaser, such as a ball screw, rotary bearing or timing belt.

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