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Mestra and Mestra-Touch Trimos height measuring family of instruments provides measuring ranges up to 50 in. with .00001 in. resolution and .00002 in. repeatability. Vectra and Vectra-Touch vertical measuring instrument series is available up to 50 in., and offers color, touch-screen programming. QuadraTest multi-mode electronic test indicator is available with 1/2 or 1 7/16 in. contact point and range of .080 in. (virtual 0-40-0 reading) on .0005 and .00005 in. scale.

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Three New Fowler Measuring Instruments to be Shown at IMTS 2002

Newton, Massachusetts, June 3, 2002 - Three new measuring systems - one of them having unequaled accuracy - are being introduced by Fred V. Fowler Company at the IMTS (International Machine Tool Show) in Chicago, McCormick Place, September 4-11, (Booth 4316-Hall D-in the Quality Pavilion).

Most innovative of the new products is the "Mestra and Mestra-Touch" Trimos height measuring family of instruments. These provide extremely high levels of accuracy and contact stability. Measuring ranges up to 50" (1278 mm) are spanned by three size models - all of them having a resolution of .0001 mm (.00001") and a repeatability of .5 micron (.00002"). This optimum repeatability is attained from the advanced Trimos motorized probing system. Key measuring functions of the Mestra include surface distances, depths, diameters, centerline distances, min/max and delta, squareness deviation and tolerance limits input/display. The Mestra-Touch adds X/Y coordinates, programming and statistical analysis.

The "Vectra and Vectra-Touch" vertical measuring instrument shown is available in models up to 50" (1278 mm). They have color touch screens allowing more reading clarity and improved productivity. Programming of measuring sequences, including tolerance limits input, statistical analysis of measurements and protocol for easy system integration are provided.

A new QuadraTest multi-mode electronic test indicator, is also being introduced. It has extraordinary measuring versatility and is available with a 1/2" or 1-7/16" contact point and a range of .080" (virtual 0-40-0 reading) on the .0005" and the .00005" scale.

Among other products being shown are:

- Z-Cal 600 XT Height Gage, manufactured by Sylvac in Switzerland, to which a new two-dimensional (X-Y) software capability has been added. This instrument has a 24" range with Sylvac's patented measuring system.

- An improved Wyler Radio Module wireless system for the popular Minilevel/Levelmeter NT 2000. It provides error-free data transmission over long distances without the encumbrance of connecting cables. This allows measurement of very big structures such as large machine tools, surface plates and even civil engineering projects.

Fowler instruments on display at the show represent one of the largest lines of measuring instruments and precision tools in the United States. For further information, contact Fred V. Fowler Company, Inc., 66 Rowe Street, Newton, MA 02466, telephone 1-800-788-2353, fax 617-332-4137. Web site

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