Linear Finishing Set handles rough grinding, cosmetic finishing.

Press Release Summary:

Used for rough stock removal, surface conditioning, and cosmetic finishing on metals/hardwoods, linear finishing set includes 120 V, linear, variable-speed finishing tool with step-less speed range of 850–3,800 rpm at 900 W output. Other components include 5 in. dia POLINOX® non-woven PNZ finishing drum, which has interleaved layers of non-woven material and abrasive cloth; POLIVLIES® non-woven surface conditioning belts; aluminum oxide coated abrasive belt; and pneumatic drum holder for belts.

Original Press Release:

PFERD INC Introduces New Linear Finishing Set for a Wide Range of Rough Grinding to Cosmetic Finishing Applications

With its innovative non-woven POLINOX® drum and new electric linear finishing tool, this complete set from PFERD sets the new standard in surface conditioning.

Milwaukee, WI -- PFERD INC. has announced a new linear finishing set for applications including rough stock removal, surface conditioning and consistent, high-quality cosmetic finishing on all metals and hardwoods.

The set includes PFERD’s innovative 5 in. diameter POLINOX® non-woven PNZ finishing drum, featuring interleaved layers of non-woven material and abrasive cloth. This large-diameter drum provides up to 25% longer life than the standard 4 in. diameter drums.

The set also features a selection of PFERD POLIVLIES® non-woven surface conditioning belts, an aluminum oxide coated abrasive belt, a pneumatic drum holder for belts and a new electric linear finishing tool. This 120V variable-speed tool features a step-less speed range of 850—3800 RPM at a power output of 900 watts. A removable keyed drive spindle also allows for mounting of wheels and drums with keyed arbor holes, as well as 5/8-11 threaded products.

Electronic speed regulation maintains constant RPM even under load. In keeping with the company’s strong focus on ergonomics and safety, this power tool has restart protection in the event of power interruption, and an electrical shutdown device that deactivates the motor in case of extreme overload. It complies with ANSI B7.1-2000 standards and OSHA regulations.

The case for the system is designed to protect the power tool and consumable products during transport and field applications.

PFERD INC. is the U.S. subsidiary of August Rüggeberg GmbH & Co. of Marienheide, Germany.  As a global manufacturer and distributor of abrasives, brushes and power tools, PFERD offers a comprehensive line of products and services for metal cutting and surface conditioning.  With over 200 years of experience in developing innovative products that optimize productivity, achieve economic efficiencies and improve operator health and safety –customers around the world TRUST BLUE.

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