Linear Encoder Scale suits wide-format, high-res printers.

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Designed for wide-format 12,000 dpi printers, RGSZ gold tape scale features 19.991 µm pitch and, when combined with interface that applies 9.444 interpolation factor, provides resolution of 2.117 µm that corresponds to 12,000 counts/in. System operates at speed of 1.8 m/sec. It is WEEE- and RoHS-compliant and can include optional polyester coating that resists harsh solvents like acetone and printer ink flushing fluids.

Original Press Release:

New Encoder Scale Provides Perfect Solution for High Resolution Printer Applications

Renishaw's TONiC(TM) incremental linear encoder system offers many advantages for wide format printing; smoother velocity control to avoid 'banding' in the image, superior repeatability, easy installation, high reliability and a range of scales available on reels that provide cut-to-suit flexibility at the point of installation.

RGSZ gold tape scale with 19.991 µm pitch

Now, to specifically enhance performance on wide-format 12000 dpi printers, new developments of the TONiC system are being introduced. A new version of Renishaw's RGSZ gold tape scale has a unique 19.991 µm pitch, which is compatible with a standard TONiC readhead. When combined with a new application-specific Ti interface which applies a special 9.444 interpolation factor, the encoder provides a resolution of 2.117 µm, which corresponds to 12000 counts/inch; the ideal match for 12000 dpi printing. Despite this fine resolution, the maximum speed of the system is still an impressive 1.8 m/s.

Super-tough polyester coating

To further improve ruggedness and long-term reliability, all TONiC RGSZ gold scale is now available with an option of super-tough polyester coating that resists harsh solvents, including acetone and printer ink flushing fluids.

As with all Renishaw encoders, the TONiC incremental linear encoder is backed by a truly responsive global sales and support network. Furthermore the product satisfies the highest environmental standards, with both WEEE and RoHS compliance.

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