Linear Ball-Screw Stage features side-sealed design.

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Designed with scratch-resistant aluminum hard-cover, Model ATS115 provides travels up to 600 m with speeds up to 300 mm/s. Side seal keeps dirt and particulates out of stage, protecting bearing surfaces from contamination. NEMA 23 flange-mounting interface enables attachment of variety of motors. Base mounting holes are accessible from outside of stage, and cover does not have to be removed when mounting stage or when attaching multiple stages together in X/Y/Z system.

Original Press Release:

ATS115 Series Compact, Hard Cover, Linear Ball-Screw Stage

Travels up to 600 mm
Speeds up to 300 mm/s
Side-seal design with hard cover

Long-life linear motion guide bearing system
The ATS115 is Aerotech's smallest hard cover, side-sealed stage design. Competitive pricing coupled with Aerotech's reputation for producing high-quality linear motion devices make the ATS115 an attractive stage for medium-performance applications.

Rugged Construction
The robust aluminum hard-cover is hard-coated for scratch resistance. The side seals keep dirt and particulates out of the stage, protecting the bearing surfaces from contamination and significantly increasing stage bearing life. Aerotech's vertical orientation of the seals easily deflects debris away from the stage, and is superior to competitive top-seal designs that can collect contaminants resulting in the eventual failure and replacement of the sealing mechanism.

NEMA 23 Flange-Mount
The ATS115 uses a NEMA 23 flange-mounting interface for attachment of a wide variety of Aerotech and third-party motors. Aerotech can provide brush, brushless, and stepper motors pre-configured and mounted directly to the stage for integration with Aerotech controls. In addition, the stage is available without the motor for the attachment of third-party motors.

Easy Mounting and Versatility
The ATS115 base mounting holes are accessible from the outside of the stage for ease of integration. The cover does not have to be removed when mounting the stage or when attaching multiple stages together in an X/Y/Z system. The tabletop is available with both metric and English hole patterns and can be ordered with brush attachments to clear debris that may collect on the hard cover. Tabletops with hole patterns that allow the direct attachment of Aerotech's ADRS and ACS-LP series low profile direct-drive rotary stages are available.

Aerotech's BMS series brushless, slotless servomotor with square-wave encoder output provides a net resolution of 0.5 micron, while an optional analog output encoder can be coupled with external interpolation electronics to provide higher resolution. A holding brake can be added to the motor for vertical applications. A motor fold-back kit is available for space-constrained applications to reduce the overall stage length.

For further information, please contact Steve McLane at 412-967-6854 (direct), or via e-mail at In addition, the ATS115 series data sheet is available at

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