Linear Actuators suit medical applications.

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Smart M-Digit brushless motor linear actuators feature integral programmable controller with full 32-bit PID motion control system. Stroke lengths include 2, 4, and 8 in. Depending on lead screw selected, actuators can achieve acceleration in excess of 23 m/sec², speed of 1 m/sec, and provide up to 200 lb of force, with repeatability to 1.5 microns. Operating temperature is -40 to 150°F. Totally enclosed units include optically isolated digital I/O and RS232 or RS485 port.

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"Smart," High Precision Linear Actuators Are Ideal for Medical Applications

Mattituck, NY -A NEW! Series of Smart M-Digit (Medical-Digit) brushless motor linear actuators is available from Ultra Motion. The integral, programmable controller includes a full 32-bit PID motion control system. This versatile programming environment allows the user to easily configure the Smart M-Digit Series actuators to fit a variety of motion control applications. Additional features include: Analog-to-digital converters, optically isolated digital I/O, and an RS232 or RS485 interface port. For coordinated multi-axis control, Smart M-Digit actuators can be easily daisy-chained together.

The overall length of these clean, reliable, and quiet actuators is only 7.18 inches (182.4 mm) longer than the stroke length and is available in stroke lengths of 2,4 and 8 inches (51,102, and 203 mm). Totally enclosed, they are available with a variety of drive screws including ball, Acme, and zero-backlash. Depending on the lead screw selected, the M-Digit actuator can achieve an acceleration in excess of 23 m/sec², a speed of 1 m/sec and provides up to 200 lbs of force (890 N) and repeatability to 1.5 microns. Home position sensing can be accomplished with either reed switches or hall effect sensors.

The operating temperature range is -40° F to 150° F (-40°C to 65°C). A variety of mounting options, including stainless steel rod bearing clevises, trunnion mounts, and brackets allows easy integration into new and existing applications. Available options include: Vacuum compatible (10-6 Torr), clean room compatible, internal linear potentiometer, and externally adjustable limit switches.

Ultra Motion can quickly build custom actuators to meet requirements that their standard products cannot satisfy.

Ultra Motion is a manufacturer and supplier specializing in the rapid delivery of custom high precision electromechanical mini-linear actuators and matching controllers tailored to a specific requirement. Generating high forces, they are the ideal alternative to hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Typically, these clean and quiet, high performance mini-linear actuators are selected for low to moderate power applications when high precision and reliability are important requirements. Using state-of-the-art materials, they are lightweight and very cost effective.

For additional information on the Smart M-Digit series of compact linear actuators please phone or fax Ultra Motion. Tel: 631-298-9179, Fax: 631-298-6593, or visit our web site at

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