Linear Actuators incorporate intelligent servomotors.

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Smart Digit and Smart Bug actuators include optical encoder, digital servo amp, indexer, local power supply, and serial communications interface. With 1 µ repeatability and .5 µ resolution, actuators are available in 2, 4, and 8 in. stroke lengths. Directly coupled to drive screw, Smart Digit units move at speeds to 25 ips with 120 lb of force max. Smart Bug units incorporate nonslip timing belt with ratios from 1:1 to 4:1 and move at speeds to 40 ips, providing 500 lbs of force max.

Original Press Release:

'Smart' Linear Actuators from Ultra Motion

Mattituck, NY-New "Smart Digit" and "Smart Bug" linear actuators have been released by Ultra Motion. The addition of Quick Silver's SILVERMAX fully integrated intelligent servomotors has resulted in totally self-contained, compact "Smart" linear actuators that feature: An optical encoder, digital servo amp, indexer, local power supply, serial communications interface, and optional absolute position. With repeatability to 1 micron and resolution to .5 microns, these high accuracy "Smart" linear actuators are ideal for use in: Robotics, packaging, medical equipment, valve actuation, processing, clean rooms, testing, pick-and-place, and positioning applications.

The "Smart Digit" and "Smart Bug" series of linear actuators are available in 2, 4 and 8 in. (51, 102, and 203 mm) stroke lengths and precision ball and Acme drive screws can be specified. The "Smart Digit" series of in-line actuators are directly coupled to the drive screw. The "Smart Bug" series of actuators incorporates a nonslip timing belt with ratios from 1:1 to 4:1.

The "Smart Digit" actuators moves at speeds to 25 in/sec with up to 120 lbs of force. The "Smart Bug" actuator moves at speeds to 40 in/sec and provides up to 500 lbs of force. Mounting options, including rod bearing clevises, trunnion mounts, and brackets allowing for easy integration into new and existing applications.

The stainless steel actuator shaft is sealed so that no contamination can enter or exit the housing, making this series ideal for clean room, and medical applications. Units suitable for vacuum environments (to 10-6 TORR) are also available.

The SILVERMAX intelligent motor is loaded with features including: Software configurable serial baud rates, servo control constants, torque limits, end of travel limits, 8-Bit ASCH or 9-Bit Binary protocols, and over voltage, under voltage, and over temperature conditions. In addition, motion profiles such as linear & S-Curve acceleration and deceleration, velocity and torque modes, and complex profiles with on the fly changes are programmable.

Ultra Motion is a manufacturer and supplier of high precision electromechanical mini-linear actuators and matching controllers. Generating high forces, they are the ideal alternative to hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Typically, these clean and quiet, high performance mini-linear actuators are selected for low to moderate power applications when high precision and reliability are important requirements. Using state-of-the-art materials, they are lightweight and very cost effective.

For additional information on the "Smart Digit" series and "Smart Bug" series of compact linear actuators please phone or fax Ultra Motion, Tel: 631-298-9179, Fax: 631-298-6593, or visit our web site at

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