Linear Actuator is available with strip seal cover option.

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Available in LP28 and LD28 models, PROmech(TM) series comes completely assembled with linear bearings, drive screw, thrust bearings, motor mount, coupling, and motor. Cover seal, also included, protects screw from particulate matter and other debris to lengthen product life. While both pre-engineered positioning packages have 28 x 28 mm cross section, LP28 is suited for positioning payloads up to 20 lb, and LD28 linear thrusting mechanism suits jobs requiring 10 lbs of thrust or less.

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Parker Introduces Cover Seal for the PROmech(TM) Series Linear Actuators

IRWIN, PA, October 24, 2007 - Parker's Electromechanical Automation Division, a leading supplier of motion control technology, announces the release of a cover seal for the PROmech(TM) series linear actuators. The new cover seal protects the screw from particulate matter and other debris, resulting in longer product life, a cleaner running solution and an aesthetically appealing design. The PROmech series is now a more well-rounded solution for light industrial OEM applications with more protection than ever.

Available in two models, the LP28 and the LD28, PROmech series actuators are designed for OEM instrument manufacturers working to speed their time to market and reduce the overall installed cost for linear motion axes. In addition to the new strip seal option, the actuators come completely assembled and tested and include linear bearings, drive screw, thrust bearings, motor mount, coupling and motor.

Because PROmech series actuators are a pre-engineered positioning package, OEMs can significantly reduce their time to market with minimized design, procurement, assembly, and qualification of all the parts necessary to build a linear motion axis from scratch. Moreover, OEMs can significantly reduce manufacturing costs and assembly time with preassembled PROmech Series actuators. With build-it-yourself linear axes, all the different parts required to build the axes must be ordered, tracked, received, inventoried, assembled and tested. The PROmech series is a pre-tested, single-piece solution. Both the LP28 and the LD28 have a miniature cross section of only 28 mm x 28 mm and now come with a cover seal for added environmental protection. The new strip seal option adds just 17 mm in overall length due to the carriage design, but adds no overall width or height, thus maintaining a compact footprint that allows OEMs to make the most of their machine space.

The PROmech series LP28 and LD28 linear positioners are complete linear motion solutions OEMs can afford to design into their high-volume equipment. With a travel range from 5 mm to 500 mm, the LP28 has several linear bearing options and a variety of screw-lead and motor-size options to easily match the positioner to the application requirements. The LP28 may also be fitted with an optional strip seal and home and limit sensors. This compact positioner is ideal for positioning payloads up to 20 lbs.

The PROmech LD28 is a linear thrusting mechanism for applications requiring 10 lbs of thrust or less in a compact package. It also has a variety of screw lead and motor size options to easily match the actuator to an applications speed and thrust requirements.

For more information on the PROmech series linear actuators and the new strip seal cover option, please call 800-245-6903 or visit and download either the LP28 or LD28 catalogs.

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