Linear Actuator has miniature design.

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Direct drive ServoTube linear actuator, Model STA11, enables mounting on 28 mm centers for multi-actuator designs. Built-in solid-state position sensor provides ±12 micron repeatability, eliminating external encoder and facilitating actuator installation. Able to perform millions of trouble-free operating cycles, unit is free of friction, wear, and inertia of rotary-to-linear conversion hardware. Characteristics include 14-232 mm stroke, 92 N peak force, and up to 4.7 m/s velocity.

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Miniature Linear Actuator Delivers Millions of Dependable Cycles

Highly compact design paves the way for multi actuator innovations
A 10-actuator assembly is less than 12 inches wide!

Canton, MA, March 19, 2007- Copley Controls broadens its line of direct drive ServoTube linear actuators with the highly compact Model STA11. The new ultra-slim actuator maintains ServoTube's superior force, acceleration and bandwidth, and most significantly, enables mounting on 28 mm centers for multi-actuator innovations. STA11's built-in solid-state position sensor provides ±12 microns repeatability, eliminating the traditional external encoder and simplifying actuator installation. Freed from external encoder cost and complexity, STA11 paves the way for radically new multi-actuator designs. Note: A ten-actuator assembly is less than 12 inches wide!

Million Of Operations
The new linear actuator's intrinsic simplicity and ruggedness enable it to perform the millions of trouble-free operating cycles required by today's innovative mechanisms. (Ballscrew and belt drive longevity falls an order-of-magnitude short). Modern automation is typified by high speed forward-and-retract cycles, occurring hundreds of times per minute. Free from the friction, wear and inertia of rotary-to-linear conversion hardware, STA11 actuators meet the rigorous bandwidth demands of such applications.

According to John Odenthal, a leading Chicago system integrator, automation's advances would be stymied, but for the critical features introduced by Copley's new linear actuator. He says Model STA11's mini form factor, dependability, and dynamic performance, are keys to automation's continuing momentum.

Model STA11 provides 14-to-232 mm stroke. Peak force is 92N, velocity to 4.7 m/s, and the actuator will accelerate instrumentation-type loads to 25g. An integral solid-state position sensor provides 8 microns repeatability and develops 1V peak-peak sin/cos output. Thrust Rod diameter is 11 mm. Forcer width and height are 26 mm and 61 mm, respectively. The actuator is rated for 75V operation. STA11 is foodsafe and meets IP 67washdown specifications.

Direct Electromagnetic Drive
The new actuator's load-positioning thrust rod is driven directly by the interaction between its permanent magnet and electrically energized magnetic fields. There are no intervening gear trains, ballscrews, or flexible couplings to add inertia and undermine responsiveness. ServoTube 11's permanent magnets are sealed into the stainless steel Thrust Rod. The actuator's electrically powered drive coils are encapsulated into the Forcer, which is bolted to the machine frame.

Inherently Rugged
Long life lubrication free bearings, built into the Forcer, support Thrust Rod travel. The unit has the same form-factor as regular pneumatic and electric actuators and conforms to international mechanical standards.

Powerful Controller
System integration is simplified by matching the actuators with Copley's Accelnet digital controllers. Accelnet controllers provide powerful stand-alone and multi-actuator control choices. Networking options include CANopen, Ethercat, Macro and DeviceNet.

With compact form-factor and fast repetitive motion, STA11 actuators are natural candidates for productivity-enhancing innovations in multi-axis automation. Closely spaced actuator arrays for positioning ink jets will enable new print mechanisms to print on contoured surfaces. Fluid dispensing robots will exploit the new actuator's slim design to provide multiple dispensing heads. Enhanced productivity of multi-channel pharmaceutical packaging equipment will cut Medicare costs. Patients will receive faster blood diagnostics as drug companies upgrade their blood analysis automation by exploiting the new actuator's speed and accuracy.

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