Linear Actuator features mono-carrier construction.

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Measuring 30 mm in width and 15 mm in height, Model 401 XE features rugged steel body construction with integrated precision ball screw and bearing guide. Parallel motor mount option allows instrument builder to maximize amount of stroke per unit length of actuator. Potential applications range from electronics manufacturing to instruments performing diagnostic testing on biological samples.

Original Press Release:

Parker Expands the XE Line of Linear Actuators

Parallel motor mounts added to all XE and LCR 30 series actuators

Irwin, PA, — Parker’s Electromechanical Automation Division is pleased to announce the expansion of the XE line to include the 401 XE. The new 401 XE is now the smallest ball screw driven product Parker offers, measuring just 30 mm in width by 15 mm in height. The 401 XE design is based on the same mono-carrier construction as the 402 and 403 XE, just in a more condensed size.

“The 401 XE is ideal for customers looking for a high-precision, compact actuator that will stand the test of time,” says Travis Schneider, product manager for Parker Hannifin. “Potential applications for this stage could range from electronics manufacturing to instruments performing diagnostic testing on biological samples.”

To complement the compactness of the 401 XE, Parker is also now offering parallel motor mounts for all of the XE series, as well as the LCR 30 series actuator. The parallel motor mount allows an instrument builder to maximize the amount of stroke per unit length of the actuator.

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