Linear AC Power Sources provide 500 VA to 12 kVA.

Press Release Summary:

Low distortion AMX Series produces single-phase, split-phase, or 3-phase power. Select models may be connected in parallel to provide up to 30 kVA. Units combine broad, 50 kHz small-signal bandwidth with peak to RMS current ratio of 4-6:1. They feature continuous self-calibration and programmable output impedance. AMX Series can be configured with manual or programmable controllers.

Original Press Release:

High Performance Linear AC Power Sources (500VA-12kVA)

AMX Seres Produces High Quality, Low Distortion Single-Phase and Three-Phase Output Power

Irvine, California, April 2002: Pacific Power Source is pleased to announce the AMX series of high performance Linear AC Power Sources, part of our Smartsource(TM) line of instruments. Output power ranges from 500VA to 12kVA in single-phase, split-phase or three-phase mode. For applications requiring more power, select models may also be connected in parallel to provide up to 30kVA of output power. All instruments are available with either manual or programmable controllers.

The entire AMX series is able to produce high quality, low-distortion output power into the most dynamic loads. This is accomplished by combining an exceptionally broad, 50 kHz small-signal bandwidth, with a peak to RMS current ratio of 4-6:1. Customers with demanding applications should note that all AMX instruments have very conservative output power ratings based upon the most severe combinations of input line, output voltage, power factor and temperature. These high-performance instruments were also designed to operate quietly and to utilize limited space efficiently, providing maximum power per cubic inch of rack space.

Applications range from simple, manually-controlled frequency conversion to harmonic testing and sophisticated bus-programmable transient simulation. Whether configured with manual or programmable controllers, the AMX instruments are designed to provide operators and test engineers with broad application versatility and capability without compromising ease-of-use.

Key AMX Series Features:

- Standard output power 500VA to 12kVA

- Output power with paralleled units up to 30kVA

- Programmable or Manual Controllers

- IEEE-488.2 or RS-232 with SCPI protocol

- LabVIEW for Windows(TM) and LabWindows(TM) Drivers

- 6:1 Peak Current Capability

- Metering of RMS and Peak Values

- Waveform Creation by Harmonic Synthesis

- Harmonic Analysis (Voltage and Current)

- Continuous Self-Calibration

- Programmable Output Impedance

- Custom Waveform Editing, Analysis and Synthesis

- Programmable Time-Based/Cycle-Based Transients

- Line-Sync Option

- Multi-Vector Power Systems

Pacific Power Source also offers a wide variety of options and custom configurations to fit the most demanding applications.

Since 1972, Pacific Power Source has been providing innovative products designed to provide our customers with the highest standards of performance, quality, reliability and value. For complete model information and specifications, please contact us at 800-854-2433, email or visit our
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