Linde Gas at GIFA, METEC and THERMPROCESS, 12-16 June 2007

Linde Gas increased its industrial know-how and solutions portfolio following the Linde and BOC merger in September 2006. Linde Gas will demonstrate its range of proven and viable solutions for the iron, steel and metals industries at the parallel GIFA, METEC and THERMPROCESS fairs in Dusseldorf, Germany. Results from customer installations will be displayed in three separate booths, and presented at simultaneous conference sessions: European Metallurgical Conference (EMC 2007), InSteelCon and the THERMPROCESS Symposium.

Increased product value, improved yield and quality, enhanced process throughput and reduced costs, as well as limited environmental impact, are all business benefits obtained from Linde's solutions in the metals industry. At GIFA, Linde will demonstrate HIGHJET® TDI oxygen technologies for cupola foundries, which increase the melt rate by 30%. Also being demonstrated are how low-temperature oxyfuels further boost the capacity in aluminium melting furnaces while avoiding oxidation and NOX.

The results of REBOX® oxyfuel solutions at ThyssenKrupp Steel and Ascometal, together with 100 other steel reheating and annealing furnace installations, are in focus at METEC. Results include up to 50% increased furnace throughput, 50% fuel cost reductions and improved heating process with lower emissions of CO2 and NOX. Improved product quality and yield, higher throughput and a minimum of maintenance are some results of CARBOJET® high-speed gas injection solutions in heat treatment, fully demonstrated at THERMPROCESS.

GIFA, Hall 3, B 22

The foundry and non-ferrous melt shop are application areas where Linde's solutions provide higher throughput and operating flexibility with reduced costs.

o HIGHJET® TDI - oxygen technology that increases the melt rate of cupola furnaces and maximizes operating flexibility. o CRYOCLEAN ® - dry-ice blasting for effective and environmental friendly foundry and cast house cleaning operations. o There are several oxyfuel combustion solutions available to suit any application. Low-temperature oxyfuel boosts melt rates in aluminium furnaces while avoiding hot spots, oxidation and emission of NOX. The results from this technology installed at SAPA Heat Transfer, Sweden will be presented at the EMC2007 conference. FLEXFLAMETM oxyfuel is an example of a solution particularly suited for different furnaces and modes of operation. o WASTOX® combustion process converts the charged combustibles in the metals recycling industry, for example when charging Used Beverage Cans, into fuel energy instead of unwanted emissions. This also facilitates the use of cheaper low-grade contaminated scrap such as wood, paint, plastics and oil. o For more information regarding aluminium applications, please see o Wednesday 13 June, at 2 pm, Linde welcomes the press to a 45 minute lecture at the Linde booth by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Neumann, "Ursprung der Materie im Kosmos" .

Press contact: Dr. Thomas Niehoff, +49-(151) 1622-3944, E-mail:

European Metallurgical conference, EMC 2007, 11-14 June

The results of low-temperature oxyfuel technology implemented at the melt shop of SAPA Heat Transfer, Sweden will be presented. This Linde solution provided higher melt rates than that of conventional oxyfuel, no hot spots and minimized oxidation with a minimum of NOx emissions.

METEC, Hall 6, G71

With over 100 furnaces equipped with REBOX® oxyfuel solutions, Linde is the leader in providing steel customers with viable and environmental friendly solutions in reheating, annealing and galvanizing applications.

o REBOX® oxyfuel solutions contribute to increased production and flexibility and decreased fuel costs by up to 50%, with lower emissions of CO2, NOX and SOX. More information is found on o Linde intend to commemorate the customer furnace order #100 during METEC. Journalists are cordially invited to take part in the ceremony and meet the customer at Thursday, 14 June. Project background and reason for choosing REBOX will be presented.

Faster vessel preheating with reduced emissions of CO2 and NOX.

o LINDARC® vessel preheating by flameless oxyfuel gives faster and more uniform heating with low CO2 and NOX emissions. For more information, please see

Press contact: Per Vesterberg, +46-70-3221103, (also contact for all 3 fairs).

InSteelCon, 2007, June 11-15

Two papers relating to REBOX® installations will be presented: "DFI oxyfuel for 30% more galvanizing capacity at ThyssenKrupp Steel, Finnentrop, Germany." Speaker Werner Haigner, ThyssenKrupp Steel (session 10.5, Wednesday 13 June, at 3 pm); and "State-of-the-art oxyfuel solutions for reheating and annealing furnaces in steel industry", Speaker: Dr. Axel Scherello, Gaswarme-Institut (session 19.1, Thursday 14 June, at 11 am)


Having long term process experience and challenging customers, Linde has acquired necessary process and applications knowledge within the full heat treatment portfolio of solutions available for both steel and non-ferrous production.

o CARBOJET® - high-speed gas injection solutions for annealing and carburizing processes which ensure higher productivity and quality at lower cost.

o CRYOFLEX® - to fully benefit from sub-zero treatment of steels, temperatures close to liquid nitrogen may be necessary. For this purpose Linde has developed a range of cryogenic freezer equipment.

o FRIOFLEX(TM) High Speed is a non-contact cooling system utilizing high gas velocities allowing full control of the product end temperature.

o CARBOFLEX® - carbon content atmospheres and control systems for carbon neutral annealing or carburizing processes. It improves quality and increases productivity through flexible gas composition and lowers costs for supervision and maintenance, as well as improves safety.

o HYDROFLEX® - Copper or stainless steel, annealing or brazing, 100% hydrogen or mixtures with nitrogen. HYDROFLEX provides atmosphere systems for customized and tailor-made needs.

For more information:

Press contact: Mr. Sami Ahonen, +49 (89) 31001-681, E-mail:

Thermprocess Symposium, Linde presentation, 13 June, 3 pm.

Linde will present the paper "The use of high-speed gases in heat treatment processes."

The Linde Group The Linde Group is a world-leading industrial gases and engineering group which operates in more than 70 countries and has over 51,000 employees. Following the acquisition of the British company, The BOC Group, the Linde Group was restructured and achieved sales in the 2006 financial year of 8,113 billion based on the new portfolio. This figure includes the interest in BOC from the date it was first consolidated on 5 September 2006 to the year-end.

The Linde Group's strategy is geared towards earnings-based growth and focuses on the expansion of international business, based on forward-looking gases, application and plant construction solutions. With the Gist division, the company is also one of the leading providers of logistics services.

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