Lincoln Electric Virtual Reality Welding Expert Examines New Training Technologies in the Skills Gap Era at Aug. 29, 2013, W.E.L.D. Day in St. Cloud, Minn.

Deanna Postlethwaite to speak at event sponsored by Central Minnesota Manufacturing Association and Central McGowan Inc.

Cleveland – While the progression of technology in the classroom has been a subject in many discussions over the years, it now has a new role in welding education – as a distinctive tool that is changing the way students learn.

Lincoln Electric’s Virtual Reality Welding Training Business Unit Manager Deanna Postlethwaite will discuss how technology is reshaping both welding training and the manufacturing workforce of the future as a guest speaker at 2013 W.E.L.D. Day, presented by the Central Minnesota Manufacturing Association and Central McGowan Inc., Aug. 29, at Central McGowan’s headquarters, 123 Roosevelt Road, St. Cloud, Minn.

W.E.L.D. (Welding. Education. Learning. Discovery.) Day is a one-day event that runs from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., featuring product displays, live demonstrations and hands-on virtual welding with Lincoln Electric’s VRTEX® virtual reality arc welding training system.

In her presentation, Increase Training Effectiveness with Welding Training Tools, Postlethwaite will explore various ways to supplement traditional welding training with virtual reality arc welding training systems, focusing on how simulation can enhance and supplement welding education programs. She also will discuss the findings of several independent studies that support a blended curriculum of virtual education and hands-on training that can increase learning speed, comprehension and test results for typical students.

“When you blend simulation with traditional, hands-on welding, you transform the learning environment by providing an enhanced and engaging training atmosphere for students,” Postlethwaite notes. “Not only has this blended approach been proven to make training more efficient and effective, but it also increases communication and collaboration, enhances students’ problem-solving skills, improves learning outcomes, and helps attract and engage future students.”

In conjunction with Postlethwaite’s presentation, Lincoln Electric will display a full line of education training equipment, including the VRTEX® 360 and VRTEX Mobile; the Lincoln Electric Mobile Demonstration Unit (MDU) featuring weld and fume extraction equipment; the Robotic Welding Education Cell and Robotic Welding System with live demonstrations; and Lincoln Electric welding helmets, apparel and more.

To register for 2013 W.E.L.D. Day, contact Erin Brum of Central McGowan, or 320.252.5292.

For more information on Lincoln Electric’s educational programs, products and curriculum, visit

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