LINbus/J2602 Emulator Targets Automobile and Semiconductor Manufacturers

Pittsford, NY: Emulin(TM) is a standalone LIN bus emulator/simulator designed for automobile and semiconductor test and control tasks. Designed for the simulation and analysis of LIN nodes or LIN bus components not present or even yet designed, Emulin(TM) allows local adjustment and measurement of all control parameters, message signals and frame timing. This enables you to simulate bus stress, overload, or cable variations, while providing simple integration into test environments such as LabView, HPVee, etc. to give detailed LIN bus error recognition and monitoring for QA and production environments.

Emulin(TM) is housed in a sturdy, small metal box, and has a built-in menu-based illuminated display with 8 configurable keys and 12 LEDs. Emulin(TM) offers wake-up/sleep/power-down modes and event-based signal configuration and sequence control, together with a wide range of resistive and capacitive bus termination scenarios. Configurable as LIN bus master, slave or monitor, Emulin(TM) allows equipment and component designers alike to debug LIN bus systems quickly through error recognition and transparent bus monitoring and data-logging. The companion software program Visulin(TM), an integrated Windows PC desktop software for tool configuration and data analysis, offers menu-based manipulation of LIN bus characteristics stored in Emulin's Flash memory, so you can test or simulate your LIN bus device operating in actual vehicles. Direct access to all timing parameters and signals during measurement permits rapid error-finding on-site, without even needing a PC. An optional CAN interface
allows for fully-configurable vehicle bus and gateway emulation. Additional I/O options are also available to suit most needs. Emulin(TM) works in LIN Standard 1.x and 2.0, and SAE J2602, and can provide timing variations or error simulation - particularly useful for conformance tests.

Emulin(TM) is targeted for automobile, car component, and semiconductor manufacturers to make the LIN bus environment fully testable, and also fulfills all the requirements for North America's LIN bus variant SAE J2602. LIN [Local Interconnect Network] is used as an automotive in-vehicle communication and networking serial bus between intelligent sensors and actuators such as in car air conditioning systems, doors, seats, column, climate control, switch panel, intelligent wipers, and sunroof actuators. LIN bus operates at a maximum bus speed of 19200 baud over a cable length of up to 40 meters, and may be used as a sub-bus for a CANbus interface. SAE J2602 was created to improve the inter-operability and interchangeability of LIN devices within a network by resolving ambiguous, conflicting, or optional LIN 2.0 requirements, as well as improving fault-tolerance, network topology, etc. The market for Emulin(TM) includes ECU suppliers, LIN semiconductor suppliers, component release
engineers and vehicle system engineers.

Designed in Germany by IHR, an established LIN consortium member and one of the leading manufacturers of diagnosis and emulation tools and gateways, Emulin(TM) is available now at $6237.50 from stock from their USA distributor Saelig Co. Inc. Pittsford NY.; Visulin(TM) software is an additional $1237.50.

Company Name: Saelig Company Inc
Address 1: 1160-D2 Pittsford-Victor Road
City: Pittsford
State: NY
Zip: 14534
Phone: 585-385-1750

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