Lightweight Wind Generator starts turning at 0.5 mph.

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Weighing less than 185 lb and measuring 6 ft in diameter, Honeywell Wind Turbine can generate power for home or business in wind as low as 2 mph. Gearless solution produces up to 1,500 kWh annually, depending on height and location, and can connect power directly to building, grid, or batteries. Blade Tip Power System(TM) utilizes magnets and stators surrounding outer ring to capture power at blade tips, where speed is greatest, while also minimizing mechanical resistance and drag.

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Honeywell Wind Turbine by WindTronics Now Available for Purchase

Wind is Nature's Energy-Savings Generator

MUSKEGON, Mich. -- WindTronics announced today the launch of its much-anticipated Honeywell Wind Turbine, which is now available through authorized dealers, retailers and partners. Best noted for always turning and generating power in as little as two miles per hour (mph), the Honeywell Wind Turbine's small size, light weight and negligible noise, ensures everyone with wind has the ability to generate renewable wind energy for their home or business.

"Our vision is to make renewable wind power truly distributed and widely available," said Reg Adams, president of WindTronics. "The ability to generate onsite power will help communities around the world convert the wind - bringing renewable energy technology into the mainstream."

The Honeywell Wind Turbine is now available for purchase around the world through WindTronics' authorized dealer network. For a complete list of dealers, please visit This ever-expanding network of distributors, partners and retailers, includes the following companies:

-- WindTronics Full Sales, Service & Warranty Dealers
-- Honeywell Resellers
-- Ace Hardware
-- True Value
-- WESCO Distribution, Inc.
-- Mid-States Distributing Co.

Weighing less than 185 pounds and measuring only six feet in diameter, the Honeywell Wind Turbine produces up to 1500kWh annually depending on height and location. This gearless wind turbine features an innovative Blade Tip Power System(TM) that utilizes a system of magnets and stators surrounding its outer ring to capture power at the blade tips where speed is greatest, practically eliminating mechanical resistance and drag. This enables the Honeywell Wind Turbine to start turning at 0.5 mph and generating energy in two mph of wind.

"The design of the Honeywell Wind Turbine is unlike anything I have seen before," said Kyle Biedermann, CEO of WindBucks Energy, a distributor of Honeywell Wind Turbine in Texas. "This product, which lives harmoniously in almost any setting, is beneficial anywhere there is wind and is a viable option for sustainable energy."

Designed to be flexible, the Honeywell Wind Turbine gives customers the choice to have the turbine mounted directly on a rooftop or use a pole. Additionally, customers can choose to connect the power directly to the building, to the grid, or to batteries using one of three connector options:

-- Grid-tie - using the Power One Aurora® Grid Tie Inverter to feed renewable power to any utility worldwide
-- Non-Grid Tie - using the WindTronics battery power management system called the SmartBox that converts wind power into electricity for the building
-- Direct DC - an option which captures the power directly into 12, 24, or 48 volt batteries for storage in remote areas

Depending upon which connector option is chosen, the cost of the Honeywell Wind Turbine ranges starting at $5,795 (plus installation). Similar to installing an electric generator, the Honeywell Wind Turbine was designed to be installed by a licensed electrical contractor. WindTronics offers a list of authorized installers to help customers properly install the Honeywell Wind Turbine.

Authorized full-service WindTronics' dealers will work closely with potential customers to oversee the entire purchase process, which includes:

-- appropriate site selection for the turbine
-- mounting possibilities
-- local incentive and rebate programs
-- connection with a local certified installer
-- service and warranty questions


Before purchasing a wind turbine, WindTronics recommends customers research local wind speeds, incentives, rebate and grant programs, zoning and permitting requirements, homeowner's association regulations and onsite placement for the turbine. To help customers navigate these areas and answer key questions, the WindTronics team has developed a series of resources:

-- - Wind Knowledge is an online tool developed to calculate local wind speeds, local utility prices and local rebate programs to help customers understand estimated output and return on investment.
-- - This animated online presentation provides a detailed introduction to the Honeywell Wind Turbine. It outlines U.S. wind patterns, explains how the turbine works and discusses what should be considered before installation.
-- - This is a resource that lists all the retailers, dealers and partners who sell the wind turbine worldwide.
-- - This auto load brochure provides more technical details about the Honeywell Wind Turbine, including connecting options and mounts.

About WindTronics

WindTronics is a private technology company founded in Muskegon, Michigan. Dedicated to bringing renewable energy to all, WindTronics has developed a gearless small wind turbine, which features the Blade Tip Power System(TM). WindTronics is the licensee for the Honeywell Wind Turbine. For more information please visit

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