Lightweight Crane supports truss for increased capacity.

Press Release Summary:

Model C250 uses Slant-Truss, which bolts to top of G-Rail™ aluminum rail profile to increase capacity in long spans; cranes with spans of <4 m and cranes with capacity of <250 kg do not need to be trussed. In combination with Slant-Truss, extended spans can enable accelerated movement without tractor drives. Slant-Truss also reduces required columns supporting runways. With possible spans over 9 m, C250 G-Rail profile offers 250 kg capacity.

Original Press Release:

Givens Engineering Develops C250 Lightweight Crane with Truss

Givens Engineering Inc has developed the C250, an extremely lightweight crane that makes use of a "Slant-Truss" (Patent Pending) that bolts to the top of the G-Rail™ aluminum rail profile. When the Slant-Truss is added to the C250 rail, the capacity in long spans increases five- to ten-fold. Cranes with spans of less than 4m do not need to be trussed, nor do cranes with a capacity lower than 250 kg.

The C250 G-Rail profile has a capacity of 250kg and is very light by itself. In combination with the Slant-Truss, long spans can be unusually lightweight, making fast movement possible, without tractor drives. A beneficial effect of the Slant-Truss is fewer columns supporting the runways. Spans over 9m are possible.

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