Lighting marks lines and towers.

Press Release Summary:

Mounted mid span or near towers, PowerLITE units are self-powered from line electrical field. Cylindrical red neon light is constantly on and lasts up to 25 yr. Model PRL-810 single or double, FAA and ICAO compliant LED lights use 8 W of power and are suitable for solar applications. Model PRL-864 LED large FAA flashing red obstruction beacon uses 122 W of power. Strobe obstruction beacons come in medium intensity white, red, and dual red and white.

Original Press Release:

Transmission and Distribution Engineering & Maintenance Depts.

For 2002, P & P, Technologies introduces five new innovative tower, catenary, and obstruction lighting that will better mark your lines and towers, greatly reduce your maintenance requirements, insure longer life, meet all FAA and ICAO obstruction lighting standards, allow you to mark where it has been too costly in the past, and save your organization lots of money!!

Obstruction lighting is required to illuminate spans, towers, and costly fiber optic lines for pilots of helicopters and small planes to save lives and protect costly equipment. P & R Technologies is pleased to introduce (3) three new innovative technologies to improve past methods of lighting.

- PowerLITE - Mounted mid span or near towers, it is self-powered off the line electrical field. A cylindrical red neon light that is on for 24 hours a day and will last up to 25 years with no maintenance! PRICE - As low as $ 1,500.00!

- P & R Technologies- New LED (solid state light emitting diode)
Models PRL-810 single or double FAA and ICAO compliant lights. No
more changing light bulbs! 5-year warranty! Uses only 8 watts of power. Great for solar applications. PRICE - Single $275.00 Double $ 525.00

- Now for 2002, New Model PRL-864 LED large FAA flashing red
Obstruction Beacon. No more changing light bulbs! Uses only 122
watts of power. 5-year warranty!

- Solar Powered Lighting Systems now offered for all lighting systems by P & R Technologies!

- New Strobe Obstruction Beacons-Medium intensity, white, red and dual red and white. Call for pricing on all your lighting needs!

Enclosed please find our new literature and please visit our web site at for more new products from P & R Technologies.

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