Light/Proximity Sensor consumes 50 µA during operation.

Press Release Summary:

Supplied in 2 x 2.1 mm transparent ODFN package, ISL29015 enables precise backlight and display brightness control while also enabling applied design to utilize proximity estimates. This ambient- and IR-light-to-digital-converter integrates IR LED driver as well as I²C/SMBus interface. It can sense ambient light and proximity (via IR light) even under harsh lighting conditions, such as in direct sunlight or behind dark glass.

Original Press Release:

World's Best Performing Light Sensor/Proximity Sensor Uses Up to Five Times Less Board Space and Six Times Less Current

Intersil ISL29015 Comes in a Tiny, Clear 2mm x 2.1mm Package and Consumes Only 50 Microamps While Providing Ambient Light Sensing and Proximity Sensing Via Infrared Light

ELECTRONICA, Munich, November 10, 2008 - Intersil Corporation (NASDAQ Global Select: ISIL), a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance analog semiconductors, today announced the release of the ISL29015 Ambient and Infrared Light to Digital Converter with IR LED Driver. The device debuts as the world's best-performing integrated light/proximity sensor.

Featuring the capability to sense ambient light as well as perform infrared sensing, the ISL29015 allows precise backlight and display brightness control while also enabling the applied design to utilize proximity estimates. The device is able to operate under harsh lighting conditions, such as under direct sunlight, or behind very dark glass.

The high integration and ultra-small size (2mm x 2.1mm) of the ISL29015 mean that designers can reduce the required footprint of a proximity sensing solution by a factor of five times versus current discrete solutions. In addition, the ODFN packaging of the ISL29015 is fully transparent, allowing for accurate, uncontaminated reading of ambient light.

The ISL29015 is also extremely power-conscious. When actually sensing ambient light for brightness control and infrared for proximity, the device typically requires a supply current of only 50 microamps. This is up to six times less supply current than needed by other light sensing solutions.

The ISL29015 is the latest in a series of Intersil products that includes both an ambient light sensor and a proximity sensor. The Intersil ISL29020 Low Power, High Sensitivity Light-to-Digital Sensor with I2C Interface was announced earlier this month.

Pricing and Availability
The ISL29015 is available in a 6-lead ODFN package for $1.74 each in 1,00-unit quantities.

For more information on the ISL29015, please go to,1477,ISL29015,0.html

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