Light Pipe creates lighted displays for non-lighted units.

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PBLP Series offers integral prism design within light pipe, directing surface-mounted LED light down the center of light pipe. It includes slide-on base for easy mounting on standard push-button shafts of through-hole or surface-mounted PCB-mounted switches. When used in conjunction with surface-mounted LED chip sets, it enables non-lighted switch models to perform same function as lighted push-button switch types.

Original Press Release:

New BivarOpto Light Pipe For Board-Mounted Push-Button Switches Creates Lighted Displays For Non-Lighted Units, Expands Panel Display Versatility

Irvine, CA, August 31, 2004 BivarOpto, the Optoelectronics division of Bivar, Inc., introduces a new light pipe designed specifically to operate with board-mounted push-button switches, enabling non-lighted switch models to perform the same function as similarly mounted lighted push-button switch (LPBS) types, when used in conjunction with surface mounted LED chip sets. Applications ideally suited for this new switch/light pipe design include medical devices, professional recording consoles and test and measurement instruments, where smaller switch indicators are vitally needed for more compactly designed control panels or smaller equipment and monitoring systems.

The new PBLP Series offers an integral prism design within the light pipe, directing the surface mounted LED light down the center of the light pipe. It includes a slide-on base for easy mounting onto industry standard push-button shafts of through-hole or surface-mounted PCB-mounted switches. By positioning the switch immediately behind a surface-mounted (SMT) LED chip, the light pipe immediately enables the otherwise non-illuminated switch to become a lighted push-button switch unit in effect. This concept significantly reduces the cost multipliers experienced in specifying a lighted push-button switch (LPBS), eliminating the need of the lighted switch itself and additional cost of filters, or other special legends while offering a new, smaller cross-section display/button configuration to designers.

Anthony Vilgiate, Bivar Vice President of Strategic Business Development stated, "The PBLP offers an immediate, low cost alternative to use of illuminated push-button switch would accentuate a products over all appeal and adds functionality by clearly identifying status." He also cited, "The ability to provide such a small button surface, capable of transmitting the brightness and full color of a board-mounted LED to applications requiring a switch control from the front panel, opens new doors to creative panel and indicator status display design."

The PBLP design employs Bivar's high-contrast materials providing a 60% improved contrast ratio for light transmission of surface or through-hole mounted LEDs. Featuring the use of a new 94V-O compliant custom polycarbonate compound from GE, the light pipes are water clear in off-state appearance and take full color when in the on state. PBLP series can also be specified in ultra-high contrast white diffused for additional design freedom.

The PBLP Series is priced at $0.45 each in 1,000 piece quantities and is immediately available from stock through Bivar's global network of distributors. Custom sizes and legends are available. For more information, contact Bivar, Inc., at 1-800-772-2377, or visit

About Bivar, Inc.

Bivar has established an industry-leading position in the electronic PCB assembly and hardware industry, providing low-cost solutions for problems associated with the assembly and manufacturing process. Founded in 1965, Bivar has continually developed unique designs for the installation of PCB-mounted devices and the packaging of PCBs in enclosures and systems. In January 2004, Bivar opened BivarAsia, with manufacturing and customer service facilities in the city of Dong Guang, in the People's Republic of China, expanding their global capabilities with immediate product and service support. Bivar's Optoelectronics Division, BivarOpto, features the world's largest selections of LED mounts and assemblies, and innovative LED devices, while the Bivar Enclosure and PCB Assembly Hardware Group provides an extensive selection of permanent mounts and wash-away spacers, PCB packaging products and hardware for use in the manufacturing process. Bivar obtained ISO9000 certification in 1998 supporting the company's commitment to high quality products and customer service.

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