Light Guides backlight LCDs in portable devices.

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Color cell-phone backlight assembly provides luminance of >3000 cd/m² for 1.5 in. diagonal screen, utilizing only 2 white LEDs at 15 mA. PDA backlight assembly utilizes 4 white LEDs and provides brightness of >2000 cd/m² to 2.5 in. diagonal screen. MicroLens(TM) technology allows LEDs to be molded directly into light guide. CCFL light guide utilizes L-shaped CCFL to provide luminance of 6500-7000 cd/m² for 7 in. diagonal screen, with full VGA color. Bulb current is only 6 mA.

Original Press Release:

New Microlens(TM) Light Guides Provide Higher Performance at Lower Cost for Backlighting LCD's in Portable/Handheld Devices

Brecksville, OH, May 2003 - Global Lighting Technologies (GLT), Inc. has introduced a family of new light guides using its patented MicroLens(TM) technology that provide superior performance and cost efficiency for backlighting LCDs used in portable/handheld devices such as cell phones, PDAs, and handheld PCs.

For color cell phones, GLT offers a new backlight assembly with an output display area of 30 mm wide x 22 mm high and a thickness of only 0.8 mm. It outputs a luminance of >3000 cd/m² for a 1.5" diagonal screen, while utilizing only two high-brightness white LEDs @ 15 mA, making it extremely cost-effective. Pricing is $0.75 to $1.25 each with brightness enhancement films (not including LEDs), depending on final construction.

GLT's new PDA backlight assembly utilizes four white LED backlights for an output display area of 45 mm square and provides a brightness of >2000 cd/m² to a 2.5" diagonal screen. It includes LEDs, metal frame, molded plastic light guide, flex circuit and brightness enhancement films, and costs approx. $6.00, depending on final design.

GLT's MicroLens(TM) technology enables mechanical holding features to be designed into the backlight, allowing COG or COF LCDs - or the entire display assembly - to be mounted into the host application, reducing part count and assembly time and resulting in overall savings. It allows the LEDs to be molded directly into the light guide, and makes the backlights more efficient and less power intensive.

A new light guide assembly for CCFLs has also been introduced by GLT for backlighting LCDs used in handheld PCs, games and a variety of diagnostic and monitoring instrumentalion. Only 3 mm thick, with an output display area of 83 mm x 155 mm, it utilizes an L-shaped CCFL to provide a luminance of 6500-7000 cd/m² for a 7" diagonal screen, with full VGA color. Bulb current is only 6 mA.

"Our new CCFL light guide uses MicroLens(TM) to provide higher efficiency and superior brightness with no increase in power consumption compared to traditional LCD backlighting," said David DeAgazio, GLT's Director of Sales Worldwide. "And, it provides exceptional uniformity across the entire viewing area."

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