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Luxaura(TM) Light Guide is an acrylic rod that creates solid-state light source when attached to LEDs that provide light and color. It does not have any gas, glass, or filament. Co-extruded 3-part structure is composed of outer clad, acrylic polymer core, and reflector strip that radiates light from guide. Clear, UV-resistant solid-core rod can be easily shaped, once heated, to fit many designs. Luxaura(TM) comes in 6.5, 10, and 14 mm dia and lengths up to 6 ft.

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Bridgestone's New Product Line, Luxaura(TM) Light Guide, Has Myriad of Applications for Industrial Design

NASHVILLE, Tenn., April 4, 2003-An innovative new product, Bridgestone Luxaura(TM) Light Guide, is revolutionizing the way industrial designers and engineers are specifying lighting for product design, electronics, vehicle task and accent lighting, signage, safety, marine, retail fixture design and much more, according to Stephen Graves, sales manager. Luxaura(TM) Light Guide is a unique, acrylic rod that creates a solid-state light source when attached to LEDs (light emitting diodes) that provide the light and color. Luxaura(TM) Light Guide does not have any gas, glass or filament, and provides a durable, easy to install, low voltage alternative for neon tubes or other light sources in numerous functional and accent applications. "The beauty of this technology is that it is up to your imagination how and where to employ it to create design and accent lighting. We are excited to see all the creative applications in a variety of industries that people are discovering as they find out how easy Luxaura(TM) Light Guide is to use," explains Graves. "Luxaura(TM) Light Guide is particularly desirable for even, linear light patterns in applications where breakage and safety have prevented the use of neon tubes or other breakable lighting products." Luxaura(TM) Light Guide is a rigid, co-extruded three-part structure composed of the outer clad, an acrylic polymer core and a specially designed reflector strip that radiates light from the guide. The clear, UV-resistant solid-core rod can be easily shaped, once heated, to fit many designs. Available in 6.5mm, 10mm and 14mm diameter sizes, the Luxaura(TM) Light Guide comes in lengths up to six feet and can be easily cut with conventional tools. Luxaura(TM) LED modules are designed to provide uniform illumination for a rod length up to six feet and operate on 12 to 14 volts of direct current (DC), available either through batteries or household current with the use of an AC/DC adapter. The LEDs attached to the Luxaura(TM) Light Guide are solid state, generate little heat, are extremely energy efficient and provide a long life. Assuming the color of the input light, the Luxaura(TM) Light Guide radiates light at an output angle between 50 and 90 degrees, depending upon the width of its integrated reflector. Since the color comes from the LED module used, using different colors at opposite ends creates a unique light blending effect, plus the color of module can be changed as desired. The brightness is determined by the amount of light entering Luxaura(TM) Light Guide, the width of its reflector and its length. The reflective strip radiates light toward the required direction while eliminating stray light and glare. Light levels in the surrounding area impact the perceived brightness of the product, and it is most effective in areas of subdued ambient lighting. Luxaura(TM) Light Guide is also ideal for applications subject to vibration, such as vehicles, aircraft, boats and machinery, and where direct public contact is likely, since it will not shatter like neon or fluorescent tubes. The new lighting system can also be made to be waterproof. The ease of installation of Luxaura(TM) Light Guide can reduce labor costs. Luxaura(TM) Light Guide's very long life permits installation in difficult-to-service areas, further reducing maintenance costs. Currently, Luxaura(TM) Light Guide is available through the website at where you will find applications, specifications, use instructions and a project list. For any other information not available at the website, you may contact Graves at (615) 365-0604 or Luxaura(TM) Light Guide is already being used in vehicle original equipment vehicle programs, of Lincoln and Toyota, as well as electronic devices, such as those manufactured by Q Logic, Sony and GBC. Luxaura(TM) Light Guide was developed at Bridgestone Corporation's Tokyo Technical Center and is produced at its Yokohama, Japan, plant. Although primarily known for its tires, Bridgestone has been active in fiber optic lighting development for over 10 years. Luxaura(TM) is a registered trademark of Bridgestone Industrial Products America.

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