Light Booth helps evaluate color critical applications.

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Offering effective way to judge color anywhere color quality needs to be evaluated, Judge QC Light Booth helps optimize quality control operations. Product offers variety of lighting conditions, enabling users to determine how color will look in factory, as well as outside, in fluorescent-lit store, or in home environment. Lamp service indicator shows how functional lamps are, while multiple options for lamp replacement help ensure maximum up-time.

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Lighting the Way to Accurate Color

In manufacturing and quality control across all industries, accurate color is important. When color does not meet specifications, the result is increased cost and time to market, and more rejects and rework. That's why it is important to have good processes in place for visual evaluation of color. One way to improve consistency is by ensuring that color is viewed under the best possible lighting conditions.

For optimum results, samples should be examined using a light booth that offers a variety of lighting conditions to enable you to determine how your color will look in the factory, as well as outside, in a fluorescent-lit store, in a home environment, or wherever else your products will be seen once they enter the world.

Judging Color Effectively

The Judge QC light booth offers an economical and effective way to judge color, anywhere color quality needs to be evaluated, helping you improve quality control operations.

Achieve better color evaluation of materials and products with consistent lighting.

Benefit from robust, industrial construction that will serve you for years to come.

Always know exactly how functional the Judge QC lamps are with its new convenient lamp service indicator.

Take advantage of multiple options for lamp replacement, designed to be as convenient as possible and ensure maximum up-time.

Item Nos. #CL-1309010, CL-1309020, CL-1309030, and more

Color Critical

The Judge QC is ideally suited for visual evaluation of color critical applications. When colors don't match during final product assembly, or from batch to batch or lot to lot, the result is rejection and waste. By making the Judge QC light booth an integral part of your visual evaluation process - in the lab, on the production floor or during quality assurance - you can ensure that customers will be delighted with the color outcome.

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