Lifetime Tool® & Building Products LLC is Awarded 1st Place for Best Sustainable Product at the 2017 International Roofing Expo

WINCHESTER, Va., March 31, 2017 - Lifetime Tool® & Building Products proudly announces our NEW 316L Stainless Steel Ultimate Pipe Flashing® has received the 2017 Best Sustainable Product Award at the International Roofing Expo. The marine grade stainless steel Ultimate Pipe Flashing® is designed and built to last as long, or longer, than premium roofing tiles or shingles. This pipe flashing is completely unaffected by salt water, chloride (road salts), extreme UV and thermal movement, all of which are the major causes of plumbing pipe flashing failures.

For decades, off the shelf pipe flashings used by most roofers either failed at the time of installation or shortly thereafter. Under sized plates and poor material choices all but guaranteed their failure. Another common and familiar choice for roofers is lead flashings. Lead flashings have so many issues, where do you start? Not only are they extremely hazardous, but they absolutely do not handle mechanical stress from thermal movement, nor do they adequately accommodate pitch; plus they are often difficult to re-shape and install. These common failures often end in hidden water and mold damage that may go undetected for years. While lead (Pb) has been banned in most construction applications (paints, window blinds, etc.) for content in the parts per million, it is still used, as solid lead, in roofing because there has never been an effective alternative, Until NOW.

What can replace the lead (Pb) flashings and still survive the coastal salt and extreme U.V. environments? Only, the award-winning, patented Lifetime Tool Stainless Steel Ultimate Pipe Flashing® which is unmatched for long-term performance in coastal and extreme U.V. environments. In addition, unlike lead flashings, the Ultimate is designed specifically to accommodate both thermal movement and roof pitch from flat to 18/12 plus. The Ultimate's patented solid PVC compression collar used with the UV impervious silicone elastomer provides a precision seal to the vent pipe. These numerous features make the Stainless Steel Ultimate Pipe Flashing® the ONLY true choice when replacing lead(Pb) flashings on the roof.

Premium materials, superior design, and patented technology allow Lifetime Tool® to offer the Ultimate Pipe Flashing® along with its no-nonsense warranty* for the life of your roofing shingle, tile, or slate. Lifetime Tool® manufactures a FULL line of sustainable, high-performance roofing products, including our Stainless Steel and Kynar Ultimate Pipe Flashings®, Easy Sleeve®, and Easy Fit™. *For more information, visit:

Lifetime Tool® and its founder have been proudly manufacturing sustainable, innovative, and patented roofing products, all Made in the U.S.A. for more than 25 years Our goal has always been to build premium components that are sustainable by quality, material selection and design.

American Ingenuity Eliminates the # 1 Roof Leak -- pipe flashings that fail, and fail to last!


Tom Geppi

National Director, Sales & Marketing

Lifetime Tool & Building Products


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