Lifeline Ozone Systems Use Ozone to Purify Water

Lifeline Ozone of Denver, CO is continuing their efforts to be a world leader in the purification industry through the research and development of ozone cleaning systems.

Lifeline Ozone, is a leading provider of ozone systems- ozone pure water systems, water storage systems, remote water systems, and solar powered ozone systems. They put great effort into bringing innovation to the water purification industry. Ozone, often referred to as O3, has long been employed in the bottled water purification process.

Applied to parts through corona discharges, ultraviolet lamp systems, or into water via injectors or bubble diffusers, ozone is a cleaning agent (3,000 times faster acting and 150 times more powerful as a disinfectant) than chlorine bleach. The compound is used extensively around the world in a variety of industries. Along with the bottled water industry, agricultural producers utilize it to maintain crop freshness, and it is used in laundry applications.

Ozone will also continue to help lead the way in environmentally friendly cleaning industries since ozone can safely be used within current government regulations.

Lifeline Ozone will work with all customers to deliver a customized product that fits their needs.

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