Library RFID Tags feature 1K of memory.

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Able to be imprinted with custom logos and barcodes by library staff, basic RFID tag is fully rewriteable to allow compliance with future ISO tag data standard as well as country-specific standards. Tag can be affixed to circulating items and meets ISO 15693-3 and 18000-3 standards. It aids in circulation management, inventory control, and security. Fast-read multiblock feature is included for instances where multiple tags must be read simultaneously.

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3M Library Systems Upgrades 'Basic' RFID Tag to 1K of Memory

ANAHEIM, Calif.--3M Library Systems today introduced an upgraded "basic" RFID (radio frequency identification) tag with 1K of memory, a four-fold increase over the former basic tag, here at the American Library Association annual conference, held at the Anaheim Convention Center (booth 2240).

The new tag can be imprinted with custom logos and barcodes by library staff, and is fully rewriteable to allow compliance with a future ISO tag data standard and country-specific standards. The new basic tag continues to meet ISO 15693-3 and 18000-3 standards, as do all other 3M RFID tag options.

"The purpose of this upgrade is to provide our customers with peace of mind in knowing that their investment in RFID technology has longevity and a better price/value option for library system customers," says Jacob Haas, market development manager, 3M Library Systems. "The memory capacity is large enough for future applications, and users are provided with another tag option to meet their price needs. These are very high-value advantages for a basic tag option."

Adds Haas: "This new basic tag option fits into a complete line of RFID tags (premium and enhanced) that 3M provides to libraries. It is part of a complete portfolio of RFID tags that gives the library a choice of tag options that will best fit its needs."

The tags, which are affixed to circulating items, are employed in a host of easy-to-use 3M Library Systems RFID applications that boost performance and productivity in circulation management, inventory control and security.

3M Library Systems' new basic tag has been accelerated-age-tested and is guaranteed for the life of the item to which it is affixed. It also has a "fast-read multiblock" feature that provides high performance when multiple tags must be read simultaneously. Moreover, the ability to custom print on the tags right at the library also enables rapid conversion.

Lem Amen, vice president, 3M Track and Trace Solutions, which include RFID applications, says the new 3M basic RFID tag "is another big step forward in helping libraries adopt the productivity enhancing benefits of RFID. Libraries face mounting pressures today to provide more services to growing populations without substantial increases in human or financial resources. RFID technology is a staff-and-customer-friendly, cost-efficient means of filling the gap."

A global leader in library innovation for more than 35 years, 3M Library Systems provides security, productivity and information management solutions that harness technology to enable a more human library, freeing librarians to spend more time doing what they do best - helping people. 3M also partners with libraries to support their technological advancement and ensure their success through numerous industry sponsorships and programs. For more information about the 3M Library Systems, visit

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