Liberty Clark, Inc Proudly Provides Pad Printing Services for Pulse Oximeter Components

Liberty Clark, Inc partners with OEM suppliers to print oximeters for medical devices. 

Elk River, MN, May 20, 2020 - Liberty Clark, Inc is excited to aid in the production of pulse oximeters by providing decorating services. These vital components for pulse oximeter devices are essential for health care workers everywhere.

Liberty Clark, Inc, a contract medical pad printing company, has been decorating pulse oximeter components for health care workers. According to Brian Clark, owner of Liberty Clark, Inc, says that "we are very proud to be pad printing components for pulse oximeters."

By putting its pad printing capabilities to the test, Liberty Clark, Inc is playing its part in reducing fatalities from various illnesses. To learn more about its products and services, please feel free to visit its website at

According to Liberty Clark, Inc, the company "provides product decoration services to manufacturers. Our specialty is pad transfer printing. Additional capabilities include screen printing and full color direct to 3D surface digital imprinting."

With so many people suffering from illnesses, patients are dependent on pulse oximeters for survival. Luckily for them, Liberty Clark, Inc has partnered with OEM suppliers to provide pulse oximeters to those who need it the most.

A major leading supplier of pulse oximeters recently shared, “the people who have been buying from us in the past are now trying to buy 10 times more. We can’t keep up.”

While the demand for pulse oximeters continues to increase, Liberty Clark, Inc provides leading suppliers with the parts it needs. Sold at an affordable price, these pulse oximeters are life-saving devices for patients.

As a matter of fact, the CEO of Nonin Medical states that "an early-warning signal like a low-oxygen saturation could cause people to call the hospital or clinic for help sooner, which is why the devices are becoming more common in first-aid kits at home — for those who can buy them."

Even though they are on the front lines of combat against a healthcare supply shortage, Liberty Clark Inc still offers a "one day to three-week turnaround. Our fallout rate is less than 1% and we consistently receive “A” marks for on-time delivery from our manufacturing partners."

In spite of the huge supply gap for medical products, Liberty Clark continues to provide medical device decorating services for manufacturers. With a focus on precision and an eye for new technology, Liberty Clark, Inc helps provide patients the devices they need to get the medical treatment they deserve.

Are you interested in medical and industrial pad printing services? If you want to learn more about Liberty Clark, Inc's mission, visit today.

About Liberty Clark, Inc
Liberty Clark, Inc is a product decoration company that is based out of Elk River, Minnesota. They are joining the fight against the health care supply shortage by helping produce medical components for pulse oximeters.

Contact Info:
Name: Brian Clark
Organization: Liberty Clark, Inc
Address: Liberty Clark, Inc, 19228 Industrial Blvd. NW, Elk River, MN 55330
Phone: 763-576-9090

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