Level Transmitters are available in SS or titanium.

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DeltaSpan LD10 and DeltaRange LD20 differential pressure level transmitters are unaffected by fumes, vapors, or other hazards located on liquid surface. Differential pressure ranges are 0-7.5, 0-15, and 0-30 psi for LD10, while LD20 can be obtained in 0-2.5, 0-5, 0-10, and 0-15 psi. Transmitters have polyurethane or Tefzel® cabling, making them submersible to NEMA 6/IP68. Each transmitter has fixed pressure range level setting, eliminating need for calibration.

Original Press Release:

New Differential Pressure Level Transmitters are Available in Either Stainless Steel or Titanium

Fully submersible level transmitters are unaffected by fumes, vapors or other hazards located on the liquid surface

Los Alamitos, Califomia (May 20, 2002) -- Flowline's LD10 series DeltaSpan Differential Pressure Transmitter in stainless steel and LD20 series DeltaRange Differential Pressure Transmitter in titanium are ideal for level monitoring in long, narrow wells. DeltaSpan transmitters are available in three differential pressure ranges to fit virtually any application: 0-7.5, 0-15 psi and 0-30 psi, while the DeltaRange transmitter can be obtained in 0-2.5, 0-5, 0-10 and 0-15 psi. Because the transmitters are provided with Polyurethane or Tefzel® cabling, they are fully submersible (NEMA 6/IP68) and unaffected by vapors, fumes of other hazards located on the liquid surface. Additional features include compatibility with most fluids, two-wire loop-powered design, a stronger and thicker diaphragm for handling pulsating pressures, and excellent repeatability and reliability.

The differential pressure transmitter is constructed with a stainless-steel strain gauge that is exposed on one side to the liquid and on the other side to atmospheric pressure via a ventilation tube located within the cable. The liquid is allowed to enter the transmitter chamber and apply pressure along one side of the strain gauge. The other side of the strain gauge is vented to atmosphere, which applies a smaller pressure on the strain gauge, The difference in pressure between the liquid and atmosphere will slightly deflect the strain gauge, which enables the pressure transmitter to generate a 4-20 mA signal proportional to the height or level of the liquid. Locating the pressure transmitter along the bottom of the tank or as close to the bottom as possible will improve the transmitter's measurement range.

Each pressure transmitter has a fixed pressure range (level setting). This means there is no required calibration for either the LD10 and LD20 series.

Price for the LD10 series DeltaScan transmitter starts at $465. Price for the LD20 series DeltaRange transmitter start at $1160. Shipment is from stock.

For additional information regarding Flowline's differential pressure level transmitters, please contact Phil Colin, Tel. 562.598.3015, Fax 562.431.8507, e-mail: phil.colin@flowline.com.

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