Level Switches enable one-step external calibration.

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Models KCAP300(TM) and KCAP400(TM) RF capacitance switches enable level detection from dielectric bulk solids to sticky slurries. KSHIELD(TM) technology provides immunity to conductive coating build-up and offers accurate, repeatable operation. KCAP300 switches feature 3-element shielded probe and optional external alarm indicating lamp. KCAP400 multi-point switches provide field-selectable modes of operation that are suitable for sump pumps, underground tanks, and tall silos.

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K-TEK Announces KCAP(TM), New Line of Affordable RF Level Switches for Virtually Any Liquid or Bulk Solids Application

Level detection products feature one-step external calibration, immunity to material build-up, and wide selection of probes for even the most challenging applications

Prairieville, LA (March 30, 2004) - K-TEK, a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art level instrumentation for liquid and bulk solids detection, today announced the KCAP300(TM) and KCAP400(TM), RF (Radio Frequency) capacitance switches for level detection in a wide variety of challenging applications, from low dielectric bulk solids to sticky slurries. The one-step, external calibration process means there is no need to remove covers and violate equipment ratings; each unit is truly explosion-proof. Whether the application involves liquids, pellets, granules, powders, chips, or flakes, the KCAP products feature one of the largest selections of probe elements. Each incorporates the patented KSHIELD(TM) technology that provides immunity to conductive coating build-up and assures accurate, repeatable operation. KCAP's all-electronic, RF design means there are no moving parts to break or wear out.

The KCAP300 point level switch features a 3-element shielded probe and optional external alarm indicating lamp. The KCAP400 multi-point switch provides field-selectable modes of operation - single point, dual set point, and pump control - making it ideal for use in sump pumps, underground tanks, and tall silos.

Easy to Set-Up and Calibrate

The KCAP series features a simple, one-step calibration process. Simply push a button and the switch is calibrated. For hazardous environments where the unit's integrity must be maintained, a magnetic process is available to calibrate the equipment externally. This means KCAP maintains its rating, unlike most level switches that require the cover to be removed for calibration.

Widest Selection of Probes

The KCAP family includes a wide variety of versatile probe elements. Users can choose Standard for multi-purpose applications or Low Cost for low temperature/low pressure use. Specialized designs include Stub or Bent for small hoppers and vessels, Flexible Tip for aggregate or lump materials that might damage a fixed tip, and Rigid Tip for increased sensitivity in liquids. Custom Pipe Extensions up to 1800 inches (45,720 mm), among the longest in the industry, are available for deep tanks or vessels that need to sense low-level conditions.

Each KCAP probe features KSHIELD(TM), a patented technology that provides immunity to conductive coating build-up and assures accurate, repeatable operation. The unique construction includes rolled seals and a welded assembly that locks all elements of the probe in position and ensures no part of the probe can fall into the process or be blown from the mounting.

"Many industrial environments are not conducive to the application of level measurement products," said Robert Hotard, Product Manager for Radar and RF products at K-TEK Corp. "KCAP's unique KSHIELD technology means sensing probes and electronics are immune to virtually any build-up. And our sensitivity is unrivaled. K-TEK is the only level instrument company in North America to hold an ASME stamp, making our sensing elements among the best in the world."

High Sensitivity & Rugged Housing

KCAP is designed for highly sensitive level applications, able to detect differences in capacitance as small as 1.0 pF. This is especially important for measuring materials with low dielectric, such as dry polyethylene pellets. For those cases where there is limited access or moderate to severe vibration, KCAP sensing probes can be located remotely, up to 200 feet from the switch itself.

The KCAP300 and KCAP400 are housed in explosion-proof assemblies with screw-on, glass viewing covers for quick and easy access. For especially severe environments, a choice of single- or dual-compartment design allows users to isolate the wiring and terminations from the sensing elements and internal electronics. The housing is available as powder-coated aluminum or stainless steel, for corrosive applications where aluminum may not stand up to the elements.

Pricing & Delivery

K-TEK's KCAP RF capacitance switches are available for immediate shipment. Prices for the KCAP300 and KCAP400 start at $550. Prices for the KCAP300 OEM version start at $250. Delivery is one week from receipt of order.

About K-TEK

K-TEK is a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art level instrumentation for liquid and bulk solids detection. Founded in 1975, the company pioneered the KM26 magnetic level gauge with extruded outlets and continues to set the pace in the industry with such innovations as AccuTrak(TM), the first Fieldbus-compatible magnetostrictive level transmitter, and SureShot(TM), the first low cost, all digital, laser level and distance transmitter. The company also manufactures guided wave radar transmitters, ultrasonic transmitters, and a full line of point level switches, plumb bob devices, and field controllers. K-TEK's products are used in over 175,000 installations worldwide in such applications as plastics manufacturing, chemical processing, oil and gas production, pulp and paper processing, mining and construction, food and beverage manufacturing, and power generation. For more information, please visit www.ktekcorp.com.

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