Level Probe Converter provides 4-20 mA signal for controllers.

Press Release Summary:

Powered by 24 Vdc, LPC420 senses liquid level and provides 4-20mA analog output for use by pump controller or PLC in liquid level control applications. All setup is done using 4 DIP switches on unit, and sensitivity is set for type of liquid being detected. Analog output delay setting controls how fast analog output transitions from one level output value to another. Supplied in aluminum enclosure, DIN rail mountable unit has no openings through which debris can enter.

Original Press Release:

Motor Protection Electronics Introduces the LPC420 Level Probe Converter

The Level Probe Converter is powered by 24VDC, and senses liquid level to provide a 4-20mA analog output for use by a pump controller or PLC for liquid level control. The unit monitors the ten electrodes on a Level Probe, and provides an analog signal that is proportional to the level.

All setup is easily done using the four DIP switches on the unit. The Sensitivity of the unit shall be set for the type of liquid being detected. The Analog Output Delay setting provides shall control how fast the analog output transitions from one level output value to another. When the electrodes are slowly covered one at a time, the Analog Output Delay shall provide a smooth transition as the level changes from electrode to electrode.

The LPC420 shall have an aluminum enclosure that is Din Rail mountable, with no openings in the LPC420 enclosure for debris to enter.

For additional specifications about this product visit our website at http://mpelectronics.thomasnet.com/item/all-categories/level-probe-converter/lpc420?plpver=10&categid=100&prodid=3001032&origin=keyword

To purchase this unit, please contact M.P. Electronics at 407-299-3825, or visit our website at www.mpelectronics.com for our list of Distributors.

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